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Finding a Job in eSports – Part 3


Still haven’t quite found what you’re looking for in the eSports landscape?  Sheesh, how many suggestions do you need?…Luckly for you I have another option ready to fire.  This one is a doozie, and of all the ways to break into the industry (aside from actually playing at a professional level) is the most difficult to be successful in.  Streaming.

We Are Live in 3…2…:  Live streams have rocked the gaming world and are a large contributor to the rapid growth of eSports as an entertainment source.  There are thousands of live streams covering hundreds of games at any given time across the globe and joining that army of Continue reading

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Don’t Starve


For day #14 in the Game a Day Challenge, today we tested our will to survive and dove into “Don’t Starve.”  Don’t Starve is a open survival game which requires players to build a home and sustainable living arrangements while worrying about their health, hunger, sanity, and all manner of wild beasts.

Don’t Starve does have an “Adventure Mode,” which is more or less the equivalent of a story mode.  We elected to consider the game a success if we survived 30 days in the never ending survival mode instead because, well, to be quite blunt adventure mode is hecka hard!  There is no realistic way Continue reading

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The Live Stream is…Well…Live

Ladies and gents, we are proud to say that the live-streamed reviews for video games are now up and running.  The stream is live every night from 11 pm Mountain Standard Time (10 pm Pacific) and running several hours into the morning.  On stream I will be playing EVERY game reviewed on Tie Attack, and also playing games that I love.  Come on in and join the fun!

Is the show running a little too late for you?  Don’t worry, you can keep up with the reviews here on TieAttack.net and see the high points on our YouTube channel.

If you missed the inaugural stream last night, here is a short video of the “highlights.”

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