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Half Minute Hero


So today for the Game a Day Challenge I played a game which I rather enjoy, and one that has about the longest title known to man, “Half Minute Hero:  Super Mega Neo Climax Ultimate Boy.”

Now don’t let the name scare you, actually, maybe you should.  This game is more or less a classic fantasy RPG but with uncontrolled combat, a “missions” level division, oh yeah, and you only have 30 seconds to Continue reading

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Don’t Starve


For day #14 in the Game a Day Challenge, today we tested our will to survive and dove into “Don’t Starve.”  Don’t Starve is a open survival game which requires players to build a home and sustainable living arrangements while worrying about their health, hunger, sanity, and all manner of wild beasts.

Don’t Starve does have an “Adventure Mode,” which is more or less the equivalent of a story mode.  We elected to consider the game a success if we survived 30 days in the never ending survival mode instead because, well, to be quite blunt adventure mode is hecka hard!  There is no realistic way Continue reading

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Zombie Driver


Well, when you consider that I am playing through a new game every day I guess it was only a matter of time…Today, with “Zombie Driver,” was the day that I finally played a game which I didn’t like.   I’m not going to play mind games and drag out the review seeming neutral until the end, you are my readers and I will not lead you astray.

Zombie Driver is an arcade/adventure(?) game in which you are a driver who cruises through a zombie infested city killing the walkers and saving fellow survivors.  The story goes on to reveal how the zombies Continue reading

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The Binding of Isaac

The binding of Isaac BG

Sometimes life gets in the way of your plans and sometimes you just aren’t feeling up to the task you’ve given yourself…on occasions such as today, both are the case.  When I feel demotivated in gaming or overwhelmed I reach for the title that I played today (and play after nearly every live broadcast):  The Binding of Isaac.

The Binding of Isaac is an arcade-style dungeon crawl in which you take control of a young child who is trying to escape the clutches of his fanatical mother on a mission to Continue reading

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Perspective Review


Coming off of a sick day I decided to go for a game with a novel concept rather than one that has a storied history or nostalgia attached, that is what brought about the playthrough of “Perspective.”

Perspective is a puzzle platformer which revolves around the concept of 2 different types of control:  The actual control of your character (a blue man from an arcade game who escapes in the beginning), and the movement of the camera view.  The point of Perspective is to get the blue man from the start point to a goal.  Simple enough, right?  And yes, in concept the Continue reading

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A Virus Named TOM


Coming up on the first full week of the Game a Day Challenge brought a new game type to the table, our first puzzle game.  There will without a doubt be several more brain-teasing games to come, but for the first I decided it was time to play through “A Virus Named TOM.”

The general premise is this:  In a futuristic world you play as a virus which was created by a genius who was recently fired from his job.  To get back at the corporation which laid him off Continue reading

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The Game a Day Challenge rolled on today with a game which is glorious, odd, and frustrating, “Bit.Trip RUNNER.”  In the game you play a man who looks more or less like a ninja, Captain Video, and you guide him through obstacles on  a perpetually moving map.  This game has a lot of things to like, but I’ll try to keep this brief…

Reasons why you should play Bit.Trip RUNNER: Continue reading

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Disney’s Aladdin Review


Sticking in my firm retro-kick that I have been on for the last few days the challenge game today was “Disney’s Aladdin,” a platformer originally released for several platforms.  We took the dive into the Capcom developed SNES.  Don’t worry ladies and gents, this is not another tale of my ineptitude and hours spent crying in heart wrenching agony, but a story of success.  A story of love, magic, and handing out a whooping to a sorcerer turned giant cobra.

For those who haven’t played any Disney movie based games from the Genesis/Super Nintendo era, you are missing out.  Many games from the era were not only some of the best selling games, but also are regarded by many gamers as the golden age of console gaming.  Aladdin is Continue reading

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Pineapple Smash Crew Review


Today as a part of the “Game a Day Challenge” I had the pleasure of running through a delightful game called Pineapple Smash Crew.  Now, if you have a small amount of gaming history knowledge, or just grew up in the late 80’s/early 90’s, you can probably guess the gist of the game.  Yes, you are a pineapple.  Well, a crew of pineapples…Pineapples that go through a set of rooms shooting absolutely everything and demolishing enemies in balls of fire, not unlike one of my all-time favorite games “Smash TV.”  So, Pineapple Smash Crew actually makes a bit of sense if you break it down.  Enough with the name, lets get down to the nitty-gritty.

Pineapple Smash Crew follows the gameplay style of many arcade dungeon crawls from the past.  There is a finite, but seemingly infinite supply of “grenades” that can be used both defensively and to devastate your enemies, fast-paced action Continue reading

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