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Race The Sun


The newest episode of Super Budget Brothers has just been posted! This week we played and reviewed the game “Race The Sun.” Give it a listen!

Also, please leave us a rating on the iTunes store. It only takes a few seconds but helps our community grow immensely.

Super Budget Brothers podcast

Listen to the episode here.

“Race the Sun is an intense action game that could be described as a mash-up of Star Fox and Temple Run with a community focus.”

Pick up the game here.

– Simple runner concept plays well to a 3D environment
– Controls are smooth and responsive
– Unlocking items and powerups through challenges gives the game a natural difficulty curve

– Price point feels a bit high
– Some of the challenges seem a bit on the ridiculous side
– Average game is average

Ratings, next week’s game and contact information after the jump.

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The Game a Day Challenge rolled on today with a game which is glorious, odd, and frustrating, “Bit.Trip RUNNER.”  In the game you play a man who looks more or less like a ninja, Captain Video, and you guide him through obstacles on  a perpetually moving map.  This game has a lot of things to like, but I’ll try to keep this brief…

Reasons why you should play Bit.Trip RUNNER: Continue reading

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The Live Stream is…Well…Live

Ladies and gents, we are proud to say that the live-streamed reviews for video games are now up and running.  The stream is live every night from 11 pm Mountain Standard Time (10 pm Pacific) and running several hours into the morning.  On stream I will be playing EVERY game reviewed on Tie Attack, and also playing games that I love.  Come on in and join the fun!

Is the show running a little too late for you?  Don’t worry, you can keep up with the reviews here on TieAttack.net and see the high points on our YouTube channel.

If you missed the inaugural stream last night, here is a short video of the “highlights.”

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