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Save a Life


Dumb Ways to Die” has finally made it to Android after the game has been available for iOS for several months.  If there was ever a mobile game that I had seen for Apple products but not been able to play because I prefer not to use an iPhone (not violently, I’m not crazy).  What is Dumb Ways to Die?  I’m assuming if you’ve found this article you’ve seen the viral video sensation created as a PSA by Metro Trains in Melbourne, Australia.

Here’s the video to refresh your memory:

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Perspective Review


Coming off of a sick day I decided to go for a game with a novel concept rather than one that has a storied history or nostalgia attached, that is what brought about the playthrough of “Perspective.”

Perspective is a puzzle platformer which revolves around the concept of 2 different types of control:  The actual control of your character (a blue man from an arcade game who escapes in the beginning), and the movement of the camera view.  The point of Perspective is to get the blue man from the start point to a goal.  Simple enough, right?  And yes, in concept the Continue reading

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A Virus Named TOM


Coming up on the first full week of the Game a Day Challenge brought a new game type to the table, our first puzzle game.  There will without a doubt be several more brain-teasing games to come, but for the first I decided it was time to play through “A Virus Named TOM.”

The general premise is this:  In a futuristic world you play as a virus which was created by a genius who was recently fired from his job.  To get back at the corporation which laid him off Continue reading

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Why We Love Casey Neistat


Making your dreams come true takes hard work and a little bit of luck.  Casey Neistat knows that all too well.  The New York City director and film maker went from an unsatisfying existence to the life he craved by packing up and moving to NYC with the idea that hard work would pay off.  It has.

Casey Neistat is best known for his indie-style ads done for Nike’s FuelBand, but has seen a lot of success throughout his career including a television show on HBO and producing the film Daddy Long Legs, which won an independent spirit award at the Cannes Film Festival.  A lot of his most recent work can Continue reading

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