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Valve Announcements, We Steam Forward


The recent Steam announcements have made me, and many a fan boy, literally jump for joy and figuratively (at least in my case) wet our pants.  The movement into the console market was not unforeseen (in fact, it was suggested by a redditor “ QuasarZ71” two years ago) but the official announcement has nonetheless made noise throughout the gaming community.  Although many are still waiting for the revelation of the now legendary and mythical creature known simply as Half Life 3 (Gabe pls!), any move made by Valve is backed 100% by its adoring fans.

I, like many upon hearing this announcement, immediately decided that I would be one of the millions to purchase this new machine as soon as it became available, but that determination Continue reading

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A Virus Named TOM


Coming up on the first full week of the Game a Day Challenge brought a new game type to the table, our first puzzle game.  There will without a doubt be several more brain-teasing games to come, but for the first I decided it was time to play through “A Virus Named TOM.”

The general premise is this:  In a futuristic world you play as a virus which was created by a genius who was recently fired from his job.  To get back at the corporation which laid him off Continue reading

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