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Cracking the Code: Foreign Hope


I don’t know if it has quite hit most of us yet, in fact, I don’t know if it has hit the fluffy-haired Frenchman himself, but Stephano (now legendary Zerg player) has retired from competitive StarCraft.  Whether you loved or hated him, you do have to admit that the world of StarCraft will not be the same without him.  As with most eSports competitors, Stephano is quite young and whether or not this “retirement” will last is yet to be seen, but I took this time to re-examine something that has always confused me in competitive gaming…

Stephano as a player has been controversial to say the least (see compLexity/Millenium mess and numerous steps into the not-so-lime light), he was often referred to as the “Foreign Hope.”  Why exactly is that a status that all professional SC2 players outside of South Korea Continue reading

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Live Streams Worth Tuning in For


I am one of the thousands of people who no longer have TV service.  Not because of a storm or freak accident, but by choice.  With the rise of services such as Netflix and Hulu I am able to watch nearly everything that I had watched on television in the first place.  I have recently become addicted to another form of entertainment though, live streams.  There are many sites that host live streams and many things streamed.  Everything from live podcast recordings to concerts and movies are placed at our fingertips, usually free of cost.  My personal go-to site for streams is Twitch.tv.  So, in honor of my new obsession, here is a short list of my favorite streamers: Continue reading

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Is eSports a fad?


There has been a steady climb in the eSports industry over the last several years that’s undeniable.  With many games capturing the attention of new fans and cementing the love of long-time gamers, the rising popularity of eSports looks to continue skyward.  Will this rapid growth cause issues within the eSports world?

As with any major change, I suspect there will be growing pains, but with how many monumental changes are happening at once will the pressure break the back of eSports as we know it?  Continue reading

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