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Long Lasting, Not the Name of the Game


In my mind, speed running was always an odd corner in the gaming community where gamers shunned games produced beyond 1997 and ran the same few cartridges over and over until their drop-down NES drawer melted.  I recently took the time to watch Speed Demos Archive‘s (SDA) “Summer Games Done Quick” (SGDQ), and by “took the time” I really mean that I was glued to my monitor watching game after game that I have never personally touched get completely and masterfully dominated.

SGDQ is an annual live-streamed marathon of several games (88 listed on the schedule) which takes place over a week in the summer in hopes Continue reading

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World Record Super Mario Bros 3 Speed Run

banner In my humble opinion, Super Mario Bros 3 is one of the greatest games ever made.  I can recall sitting on the floor, so close to the TV that my mom would tell me my eyes would stick in a cross-eyed position if I didn’t scoot back, playing for hours as a little kid.  Now an adult, I still love hooking up my NES and trying to run through the levels with a smile on my face.

That’s about as far as I’ve ever taken Super Mario Bros 3, playing countless times and considering it a good day when I make it to the giant world.  Have you ever thought you were a good Mario player?  Ever finish the Continue reading

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