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Finding a Job in eSports – Part 2


So commentating isn’t your thing but you still want to find a fulfilling job in the wonderful world of eSports (okay, I’ll stop with the career fair catch phrases)?  Thinking on-the-fly isn’t your forte, and stage fright plagues you, but there are still quite a few areas you could explore.  The best area, in my humble opinion, is writing.

Writing about eSports is a much sought after occupation because it involves living the action, but then being able to sit back and digest what has happened before bringing your fingers to the home row.  Setting the pace and hours that you would like to work while being Continue reading

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Finding a Job in eSports – Part 1


ESports has been growing at an extremely high pace for the last few years, and the world of competitive gaming seems to continue picking up steam.  Through new supporters world-wide, “big league” advertisers (such as American Express and Coke Zero), and an unfathomable amount of fanatical viewers, eSports seems to be here to stay.  With the growth comes new teams, new organizations, and new jobs ripe for the taking.  So, how does someone land a job among the gaming elite if they do not possess the skills to sit behind the keyboard?  Well, there are several routes, but if we’re going to be completely honest, none of them are easy.

To help you out we have compiled a short list of ideas to get you started.  Over the next several days, TieAttack.net will be exploring several viable options for getting Continue reading

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How to Snowball a Lane


While playing League of Legends with a friend who is relatively new to the game, I recently found myself trying to help him with the basics of the gameWhere to ward, the importance of farm and last hitting, when to play passive and when to dive deep were all subjects that came up and I realized that this is (for the most part) general knowledge to players who are level 30.  He then asked me a question that I wasn’t expecting:  How do you carry a game?

Now, I know that this is a common question among lower elo level 30s.  Everyone wants to know who the best champ is to play and how they can get themselves out of the highly debated self-fulfilling prophesy that is “Elo Hell.”  It’s a Continue reading

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Cracking the Code: Foreign Hope


I don’t know if it has quite hit most of us yet, in fact, I don’t know if it has hit the fluffy-haired Frenchman himself, but Stephano (now legendary Zerg player) has retired from competitive StarCraft.  Whether you loved or hated him, you do have to admit that the world of StarCraft will not be the same without him.  As with most eSports competitors, Stephano is quite young and whether or not this “retirement” will last is yet to be seen, but I took this time to re-examine something that has always confused me in competitive gaming…

Stephano as a player has been controversial to say the least (see compLexity/Millenium mess and numerous steps into the not-so-lime light), he was often referred to as the “Foreign Hope.”  Why exactly is that a status that all professional SC2 players outside of South Korea Continue reading

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Becoming a Pro Gamer


ESports have been steadily, and rapidly, on the rise since the mid 2000’s and is now reaching record numbers each year.  With the constant growth the gaming community has seen a rise and fall of many professional players and team dynasties.  Many players, with the wide spread popularity of eSports, have big dreams of traveling the world and playing the games they love for a living.  What does it take to be a professional Continue reading

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Why Gaming Communities Go Toxic


I am a very experienced gamer, having played for years and diving deeply into nearly every genre.  Over the last few years I have noticed a steady decline in the amount of fun, kind, or even courteous players I’ve encountered while playing online.  Instead there is now rage, flaming, and the harassment of players in nearly every game.  The gaming community as a whole is becoming a toxic environment and I doubt that it can change without major overhauls.  What is it that made a community of passionate gamers descend into a group of inconsiderate bullies?

I believe that these same principles apply to many gaming communities.  I know first hand how the experience of playing Dota, Call of Duty, or WoW can be filled with players who are a bad influence in the community.  However, for this example we’ll take a deeper look into the state of League of Legends.

One clear reason for the shift is the change in the amount of summoners.  According to the infographic published by Riot Games back in 2011, there had been 32 million accounts created and played on world-wide.  Last year’s report indicated that there is now over 70 million accounts (these numbers of course count all accounts including smurfs).  With a user expansion of over 100% in the course of one year a community can Continue reading

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Gettin’ Cheesy in League #4


Season 3 has brought forth some odd champ choices and strategies:  Jungle Ezreal, Jayce mid, support Ashe, ect.  At least people are attempting to innovate the game, all to varying degrees of success.  To continue our time honored tradition of cheese strats, I have recently been sinking a lot of time into my new idea, jungle Teemo.

Now I know most of you will refuse to try this out of principle.  People either love or hate Teemo.  I, personally, am on the side of the lovers (I know, I should be ashamed).  There are clear advantages

Continue reading

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Live Streams Worth Tuning in For


I am one of the thousands of people who no longer have TV service.  Not because of a storm or freak accident, but by choice.  With the rise of services such as Netflix and Hulu I am able to watch nearly everything that I had watched on television in the first place.  I have recently become addicted to another form of entertainment though, live streams.  There are many sites that host live streams and many things streamed.  Everything from live podcast recordings to concerts and movies are placed at our fingertips, usually free of cost.  My personal go-to site for streams is Twitch.tv.  So, in honor of my new obsession, here is a short list of my favorite streamers: Continue reading

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Simple Tricks to Make You a Better Jungler


Jungling in League of Legends seems to be a position that is either loved or hated.  Most of the hate probably stems from the difficulty that comes with playing this role.  Unlike playing in a lane, you are expected to assist all your teammates and cause opportunities for kills while still keeping your creep score high.  It can be a heavy burden, especially when a team blames you for their own poor play.

Fear not!  We here at Tie Attack have assembled a short list of tips and tricks that are guaranteed to make you a better jungler:

Continue reading

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Is eSports a fad?


There has been a steady climb in the eSports industry over the last several years that’s undeniable.  With many games capturing the attention of new fans and cementing the love of long-time gamers, the rising popularity of eSports looks to continue skyward.  Will this rapid growth cause issues within the eSports world?

As with any major change, I suspect there will be growing pains, but with how many monumental changes are happening at once will the pressure break the back of eSports as we know it?  Continue reading

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