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Short Interview with The Winter Brave


The Winter Brave is a youthful band with a true rock sound.  Something many other bands looking to make it big these days can’t match.  With a full sound, flowing bass lines, and soulful rock vocals, The Winter Brave (TWB) is looking to power forward as a touring force and command attention of music lovers.

Naming the band “The Winter Brave” came as a Continue reading

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It’s People?! Also, the Reddit Bump and It’s Burger Time!

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A Short Interview with Desert Noises


Desert Noises, a laid-back rock foursome with chill vibes and Americana sound, have been steadily on the rise over the last year.  With influences such as Tom Petty and Fleetwood Mac, these Utah Valley boys put together a smooth, full, folk-rock sound that makes us immediately think of driving the open road with friends.  There is something completely hypnotic about the melodies and reverb that makes Desert Noises a force to be reckoned with (and instantly added their entire catalog to our iPods).

Touring relentlessly is a trademark that Desert Noises has become known for.  All the members grew up attending shows in the now legendary Continue reading

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An Interview With Allred

allred band

Allred has been gaining respect and a widespread fan base over the last several years.  Through many incarnations and a roller coaster ride of ups and downs worthy of 6 Flags, John Allred (lead vocals/acoustic guitar) has continued to put out moving and emotional albums for nearly a decade.  Now enjoying the success of his steady climb, Allred is touring and writing, looking for the next big break.  After opening for several sensational acts, including Secondhand Serenade just this last week, Allred looks forward to continued growth and reaching more people with his music.

We got the chance to catch up with John, the indie music sensation, to chat about Continue reading

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An Interview With Horror Writer Christian B. Guyant


This past week I got the opportunity to meet and interview someone of whom I am a fan, Christian B. Guyant.  Christian is a long time author who recently released his first horror novella Hauss Vegas, the story of a young single father dealing with the zombie apocalypse in Las Vegas, Nevada.  His unique style of cringe-worthy scenes broken up with humor (mostly dark) has been winning over several thousand fans over the last few months.  I asked him about his switch to horror, his early success, and his thoughts on publishing.

TA:  You have years of experience in writing non-fiction and instructional material, why make the switch to horror? Continue reading

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