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How to Snowball a Lane


While playing League of Legends with a friend who is relatively new to the game, I recently found myself trying to help him with the basics of the gameWhere to ward, the importance of farm and last hitting, when to play passive and when to dive deep were all subjects that came up and I realized that this is (for the most part) general knowledge to players who are level 30.  He then asked me a question that I wasn’t expecting:  How do you carry a game?

Now, I know that this is a common question among lower elo level 30s.  Everyone wants to know who the best champ is to play and how they can get themselves out of the highly debated self-fulfilling prophesy that is “Elo Hell.”  It’s a Continue reading

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BioShock Infinite for Free! Also Desert Noises and Casey Neistat

Here’s a quick look at the featured stories we’ll have on Tie Attack this week.  Be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel and leave a comment for your chance to win BioShock Infinite!


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The Nike Effect


For years the Nike brand of athletic apparel and gear has been synonymous with success.  Despite having several bumps in the road Nike has managed to build a huge business and impose a commanding lead in the world or sports.  In the 2012 fiscal year alone Nike posted revenue in excess of 24.1 billion USD.  So how did Nike go from being the small “Blue Ribbon Sports” to the sports giant now known as Nike?  It’s simple; at Nike they “Just Do It.” Continue reading

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Guacamole Making 101


Last night I was grilling up a burger to help make an up-all-night editing and writing session a little less painful and I thought, “I need something different.”  I find myself doing this quite often.  Falling into a routine when it comes to diet is pretty normal and, honestly, makes for some dull culinary experiences.  If the time is already being spent to cook, why not put in a little more effort to elevate the ordinary meals you’ve grown accustomed to?

I happened to have avocados, as well as an assortment of ingredients that usually cannot be found in my kitchen.  A tomato, limes, cilantro…a good bit of guacamole was the only way to move my burger from satisfying to electrifying (blame the editor for adding this cheesy line).  Continue reading

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