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Lone Survivor Review


Today was the return to long games and frustrated play as I dove into “Lone Survivor.”  Lone Survivor is a horror adventure game in which you play a man who lives alone and has no apparent history, and who is trying to discover where the citizens in his hometown have gone and where the zombie-like creatures who are terrorizing the city came from.  Sadly, those questions don’t really get answered, and that’s my big complaint with the game.

In an adventure game with graphics meant to instill nostalgia the story is typically the aspect which carries the rest of the game.  Lone Survivor creates a lot of story points Continue reading

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“Home” Review


As a huge fan of the general horror genre, especially the creepy video games, I was more than excited to play “Home.”  Home is billed as “a unique horror adventure set in the beautifully-realized pixel world.”  On this claim, the game did deliver.  If only it was able to deliver what I was hoping for, scares, eerie atmosphere, in-depth storytelling, or, you know, anything a horror game should be.

After reading the great reviews and “I don’t want to spoil the surprise” comments, I was pumped to dig in, but quickly found I had been misled.  The game centers around you, a man who has awoken alone in a bed that is not his own, located Continue reading

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An Interview With Horror Writer Christian B. Guyant


This past week I got the opportunity to meet and interview someone of whom I am a fan, Christian B. Guyant.  Christian is a long time author who recently released his first horror novella Hauss Vegas, the story of a young single father dealing with the zombie apocalypse in Las Vegas, Nevada.  His unique style of cringe-worthy scenes broken up with humor (mostly dark) has been winning over several thousand fans over the last few months.  I asked him about his switch to horror, his early success, and his thoughts on publishing.

TA:  You have years of experience in writing non-fiction and instructional material, why make the switch to horror? Continue reading

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Featured Stories this Week On TieAttack.net


Hey dapper ladies and gents.  Here’s a quick look at what is coming up on Tie Attack this week:

On Monday we have an interview with up and coming rock band J.Wride.  Their unique sound is a combo of rock, pop, jazz, and hiphop.  It is unlike anything you ever heard before, and will please your ear holes.

Tuesday we’re spicing up our lives by Continue reading

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