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Valve Announcements, We Steam Forward


The recent Steam announcements have made me, and many a fan boy, literally jump for joy and figuratively (at least in my case) wet our pants.  The movement into the console market was not unforeseen (in fact, it was suggested by a redditor “ QuasarZ71” two years ago) but the official announcement has nonetheless made noise throughout the gaming community.  Although many are still waiting for the revelation of the now legendary and mythical creature known simply as Half Life 3 (Gabe pls!), any move made by Valve is backed 100% by its adoring fans.

I, like many upon hearing this announcement, immediately decided that I would be one of the millions to purchase this new machine as soon as it became available, but that determination Continue reading

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Cracking the Code: Foreign Hope


I don’t know if it has quite hit most of us yet, in fact, I don’t know if it has hit the fluffy-haired Frenchman himself, but Stephano (now legendary Zerg player) has retired from competitive StarCraft.  Whether you loved or hated him, you do have to admit that the world of StarCraft will not be the same without him.  As with most eSports competitors, Stephano is quite young and whether or not this “retirement” will last is yet to be seen, but I took this time to re-examine something that has always confused me in competitive gaming…

Stephano as a player has been controversial to say the least (see compLexity/Millenium mess and numerous steps into the not-so-lime light), he was often referred to as the “Foreign Hope.”  Why exactly is that a status that all professional SC2 players outside of South Korea Continue reading

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Long Lasting, Not the Name of the Game


In my mind, speed running was always an odd corner in the gaming community where gamers shunned games produced beyond 1997 and ran the same few cartridges over and over until their drop-down NES drawer melted.  I recently took the time to watch Speed Demos Archive‘s (SDA) “Summer Games Done Quick” (SGDQ), and by “took the time” I really mean that I was glued to my monitor watching game after game that I have never personally touched get completely and masterfully dominated.

SGDQ is an annual live-streamed marathon of several games (88 listed on the schedule) which takes place over a week in the summer in hopes Continue reading

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Left 4 Dead 2


For those who know me this pick comes as no surprise.  For those of you who know nothing about me or my gaming choices, I LOVE HORROR!  More than that, I am one of those who has been sucked into the seemingly never ending zombie obsession which has swept the world and to be honest, I don’t know if I’ll ever get enough.  Now that we have an understanding, we can move on to the pick:  “Left 4 Dead 2.”

Left 4 Dead 2 (L4D2) is a first person shooter based in a zombie infested near future.  The player is thrown into the role of a survivor in a small group of 4 who have to fight their way through many different paths to (hopefully) end up at an extraction point which will apparently take you to salvation.  In a similar fashion to our last game Continue reading

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The Ship

After a bit of a halt on the “Game a Day Challenge” I have decided to move forward with full force!  I hope I can be forgiven of my trespasses and continue to inform and entertain.  Today, to kick things off on the right foot, I played through several games.  The first of which is the 2006 odd ball creation from Outerlight, “The Ship:  Murder Party.”

The story in The Ship is a bit basic, and one with many plot holes which I’m sure the gamer is meant to overlook.  On the positive side, I was able to overlook several of them with ease as the player quickly realizes that the game was not bought for any semblance of a narrative.    Here’s the basic plot as Continue reading

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Half Minute Hero


So today for the Game a Day Challenge I played a game which I rather enjoy, and one that has about the longest title known to man, “Half Minute Hero:  Super Mega Neo Climax Ultimate Boy.”

Now don’t let the name scare you, actually, maybe you should.  This game is more or less a classic fantasy RPG but with uncontrolled combat, a “missions” level division, oh yeah, and you only have 30 seconds to Continue reading

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Don’t Starve


For day #14 in the Game a Day Challenge, today we tested our will to survive and dove into “Don’t Starve.”  Don’t Starve is a open survival game which requires players to build a home and sustainable living arrangements while worrying about their health, hunger, sanity, and all manner of wild beasts.

Don’t Starve does have an “Adventure Mode,” which is more or less the equivalent of a story mode.  We elected to consider the game a success if we survived 30 days in the never ending survival mode instead because, well, to be quite blunt adventure mode is hecka hard!  There is no realistic way Continue reading

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Zombie Driver


Well, when you consider that I am playing through a new game every day I guess it was only a matter of time…Today, with “Zombie Driver,” was the day that I finally played a game which I didn’t like.   I’m not going to play mind games and drag out the review seeming neutral until the end, you are my readers and I will not lead you astray.

Zombie Driver is an arcade/adventure(?) game in which you are a driver who cruises through a zombie infested city killing the walkers and saving fellow survivors.  The story goes on to reveal how the zombies Continue reading

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Goof Troop


For day 12 of the Game a Day Challenge I decided to return to the SNES in style by playing “Goof Troop.”  Man, was that a mistake…Well, I guess it depends on how you look at things.

The Goof Troop SNES game is actually a very fun playthough, I can’t fault it there.  Driven partly by nostalgia, partly by my love for nearly all things Disney, and mostly my appreciation for relatively simple controls and play-style, I flung myself into the world of Goofy, Max, Continue reading

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Lone Survivor Review


Today was the return to long games and frustrated play as I dove into “Lone Survivor.”  Lone Survivor is a horror adventure game in which you play a man who lives alone and has no apparent history, and who is trying to discover where the citizens in his hometown have gone and where the zombie-like creatures who are terrorizing the city came from.  Sadly, those questions don’t really get answered, and that’s my big complaint with the game.

In an adventure game with graphics meant to instill nostalgia the story is typically the aspect which carries the rest of the game.  Lone Survivor creates a lot of story points Continue reading

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