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Zombie Driver


Well, when you consider that I am playing through a new game every day I guess it was only a matter of time…Today, with “Zombie Driver,” was the day that I finally played a game which I didn’t like.   I’m not going to play mind games and drag out the review seeming neutral until the end, you are my readers and I will not lead you astray.

Zombie Driver is an arcade/adventure(?) game in which you are a driver who cruises through a zombie infested city killing the walkers and saving fellow survivors.  The story goes on to reveal how the zombies Continue reading

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Disney’s Aladdin Review


Sticking in my firm retro-kick that I have been on for the last few days the challenge game today was “Disney’s Aladdin,” a platformer originally released for several platforms.  We took the dive into the Capcom developed SNES.  Don’t worry ladies and gents, this is not another tale of my ineptitude and hours spent crying in heart wrenching agony, but a story of success.  A story of love, magic, and handing out a whooping to a sorcerer turned giant cobra.

For those who haven’t played any Disney movie based games from the Genesis/Super Nintendo era, you are missing out.  Many games from the era were not only some of the best selling games, but also are regarded by many gamers as the golden age of console gaming.  Aladdin is Continue reading

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