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Breakfast “cupcakes”


As I was staring into the open refrigerator trying to clear the fog from my mind, light streaming out into my tired eyes, I tried to focus on what to make for breakfast.  Never really been a fan of the whole pancake/waffle situation (aren’t they the same thing anyways?) and french toast just seemed…too French.  I decided the best way to deal with my early morning hunger was to combine everything breakfast related I had into one tasty meal.  That day, the breakfast “cupcakes” were formed.

The breakfast cupcakes are similar to a frittata, if a frittata was shot by a man-mode laser set to 1.21 gigawatts.  It combines egg, sausage, bacon, ham, and cheese into Continue reading

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Finding the Healthiest Fast Food Burger

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Whether you are on the run or only have 20 minutes away from the office for lunch, fast food restaurants seem to be a more and more viable solution for your busy schedule.  I know here at Tie Attack, we find ourselves taking a trip down the drive-thru several times a week so we can get in, get out, and have a tasty meal without spending a lot of time.  When you eat out as much as we do, there comes a point that you need to take all the short cuts you can.  Even though you’re eating a burger, that doesn’t mean that you can’t choose the healthiest one.

We collected data from the chain restaurants around us, and a couple that are popular in other areas around the nation, and figured out which fast food burger is Continue reading

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Why Restaurant Dishes Taste So Different


Falling in love with a particular dish you had in a restaurant is not uncommon.  Even if the entrée seems simple, made with a short list of ingredients, and completely do-able in your home kitchen, things usually don’t turn out right.  For many home cooks the attempts to recreate your favorite foods is difficult and rarely done to satisfaction.  So what is it they do in restaurants that is so different than what you do at home? Continue reading

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BioShock Infinite for Free! Also Desert Noises and Casey Neistat

Here’s a quick look at the featured stories we’ll have on Tie Attack this week.  Be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel and leave a comment for your chance to win BioShock Infinite!


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Keeping Mac n’ Cheese Interesting


After being Freshly Pressed last week for our article “Our Love Affair With Mediocre Food” we have seen a huge response.  Hundreds of comments came in where people from all over the world explained to us what their culinary guilty pleasures are.  While sifting through these comments and emails we noticed a trend, nearly everyone who stated they are from the United States cited their favorite way to prepare Mac n’ Cheese.

We loved the suggestions and, in an extremely unhealthy manner that I wouldn’t recommend, tried nearly all of them in a single day of Mac n’ Cheese buffet madness.  There were several good ones that Continue reading

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Simple Tips for Cooking Steak


A well cooked steak is a meal fit for the Gods, an unwavering sign of manhood, and a simple pleasure that all deserve to enjoy.  Whether you like yours medium rare, well-done, or anywhere in between, the secret to a great steak comes in the preparation and cooking.  Usually I’ll serve steak with mashed potatoes (I’m a man of simple flavors), or some veggies if I feel the need to pretend I’m healthy, but we’ll save the sides for another time.  In this article we are going to take a quick look at our 3 top tips for grilling the perfect Continue reading

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Our Love Affair With Mediocre Food

Waffle House

I have been having an affair.  For years now I have been going behind the back of my first true love, for the dirty, grimy, and greasy mistress.  The shame I felt over the last several years has finally culminated into this article, this declaration of my love/hate relationship.  I love mediocre food.

After a long week of cooking every meal, maybe going out to a good restaurant, and eating food that is generally good, my relationship with food goes dark and I reach for a distraction.  It’s hard to explain exactly why, but sometimes I feel the undeniable pull of a gas station hotdog or an assortment of greasy Waffle House treats.  I know that they are bad for me, I know that they are unhealthy, I know that the enjoyment I’ll feel will always be followed by guilt, but Continue reading

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Gross Things You Eat Every Day


There has been a large uproar from people all around the world recently about there being horse meat used in dishes.  As an American, I don’t understand what all the hoopla is for.  We here in America (and many other places around the world) eat things on a daily basis that are WAY more disgusting than horse meat.  If you’re squeamish  you might want to stop reading.

Here’s a short list of gross out food we eat every day: Continue reading

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Making Delicious Salsa, The Easy Way


Every single day, without fail, I cook and consume Mexican food.  By “cook” I mean throw a burrito in the microwave and push a couple buttons, but that is still cooking, right?  On the days when I am not so busy (or sometimes lazy) I make salsa to pair with my excellent nuked burritos.  There is nothing better than homemade salsa, and I’m going to teach you how to make it.  I know, making salsa sounds like it could be difficult, but I am going to walk you through it step by step.  Together, we can make the best salsa you’ve ever tasted.

Continue reading

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Tips for Eating Out


Some things are better left unknown.  That is usually my philosophy when it comes to anything related to the food industry.  Eating out is really a pretty intimate experience when you think about it.  You literally trust another human being, who you’ve most likely never met, to please your taste buds as you put whatever they placed in front of you into your mouth.  We’ve all heard the horror stories about professional kitchens’ secrets:  Food being tainted, unsanitary conditions, and odds and ends being passed as 100% organic.  Thankfully, we aren’t going to be going down that rabbit hole in this article, but we are going to take a brief look at menu items that you might want to avoid.  I apologize ahead of time if anything in here disgusts you, but hey, better that you read it than chew it.

I can’t believe they have *blank*!  This should set off a Continue reading

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