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Why Restaurant Dishes Taste So Different


Falling in love with a particular dish you had in a restaurant is not uncommon.  Even if the entrée seems simple, made with a short list of ingredients, and completely do-able in your home kitchen, things usually don’t turn out right.  For many home cooks the attempts to recreate your favorite foods is difficult and rarely done to satisfaction.  So what is it they do in restaurants that is so different than what you do at home? Continue reading

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Simple Tips for Cooking Steak


A well cooked steak is a meal fit for the Gods, an unwavering sign of manhood, and a simple pleasure that all deserve to enjoy.  Whether you like yours medium rare, well-done, or anywhere in between, the secret to a great steak comes in the preparation and cooking.  Usually I’ll serve steak with mashed potatoes (I’m a man of simple flavors), or some veggies if I feel the need to pretend I’m healthy, but we’ll save the sides for another time.  In this article we are going to take a quick look at our 3 top tips for grilling the perfect Continue reading

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Guacamole Making 101


Last night I was grilling up a burger to help make an up-all-night editing and writing session a little less painful and I thought, “I need something different.”  I find myself doing this quite often.  Falling into a routine when it comes to diet is pretty normal and, honestly, makes for some dull culinary experiences.  If the time is already being spent to cook, why not put in a little more effort to elevate the ordinary meals you’ve grown accustomed to?

I happened to have avocados, as well as an assortment of ingredients that usually cannot be found in my kitchen.  A tomato, limes, cilantro…a good bit of guacamole was the only way to move my burger from satisfying to electrifying (blame the editor for adding this cheesy line).  Continue reading

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