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KiwiTree – Using Spare Change to Make REAL Change

KiwiTree Banner


It has been a LONG time since I have written any posts on TieAttack, that is because I have been busy with another project, one that I feel so strongly about I had to take the leap and focus all my time on it.  The project is called KiwiTree and it is going to revolutionize the way that donations are made to charities and non-profits.  Here’s the quick run down of what KiwiTree is:

What does it do?

KiwiTree is a new funding platform designed to give users the ability to support charities and non-profits they love without feeling a large hit to their bank account.  KiwiTree uses a unique system which rounds each purchase made with electronic means (including debit or credit card purchases) to the next dollar, and automatically donates that “spare change” to up to 5 causes of your choice.  There are no fees, no hassle, and 100% of all donations go to their designated organization on a monthly basis.  Also, as all our clients are non-profit organizations, many of the donations made are tax deductible for our donors. To help with taxes, all donors will receive an email at the end of each year detailing how much was donated to each supported non-profit.  We are not looking to build an empire, we have simply created a way to get money into the hands of those who can really make an impact in this world.”

How it works Infographic

We are nearly finished with the development and are looking to start beta testing (followed shortly by wide release) in the next month or so.  Please check out our IndieGoGo campaign and follow us on Twitter and Facebook.  The project is massive and our vision is huge, but we truly believe that through spare change donations, the world can be changed for the better.

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Long Lasting, Not the Name of the Game


In my mind, speed running was always an odd corner in the gaming community where gamers shunned games produced beyond 1997 and ran the same few cartridges over and over until their drop-down NES drawer melted.  I recently took the time to watch Speed Demos Archive‘s (SDA) “Summer Games Done Quick” (SGDQ), and by “took the time” I really mean that I was glued to my monitor watching game after game that I have never personally touched get completely and masterfully dominated.

SGDQ is an annual live-streamed marathon of several games (88 listed on the schedule) which takes place over a week in the summer in hopes Continue reading

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