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Weekly Random, Pics We Liked

Cooking Koopa

Disney's Bioshock

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Win BioShock Infinite for free! Also, Allred and Nike

Here’s a quick look at the featured stories we’ll have on Tie Attack this week.  Be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel and leave a comment for your chance to win BioShock Infinite!

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Replaying BioShock


With BioShock Infinite finally being released into the hands of rabid fans, we here at Tie Attack decided to all play through the original BioShock, from start to finish, this last week.  We have all completed the game, we all were kind to the little sisters (what can I say, we’re a bunch of softies), and we have compiled a look back on what made us fall in love with this wonderful game.

The Great Ammo Dilemma

As fans of horror survival games we were more than grateful to see that BioShock took the route of ammo conservation.  Any game that requires you to pick and choose when to shoot, and be accurate with those rounds, gets a big +1 in our book.  The other great aspect that came as a product of the low amount of  Continue reading

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Featured Stories this Week On TieAttack.net


Hey dapper ladies and gents.  Here’s a quick look at what is coming up on Tie Attack this week:

On Monday we have an interview with up and coming rock band J.Wride.  Their unique sound is a combo of rock, pop, jazz, and hiphop.  It is unlike anything you ever heard before, and will please your ear holes.

Tuesday we’re spicing up our lives by Continue reading

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