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Tricky Tracing – A Simple Review


Need another casual game that is simple in concept and takes little attention while still posing a challenge?  You know, something to say, occupy your hands and wandering mind while you’re having your what have now become daily hour-long phone calls with your mother (love ya mom)?  I came across one such situation and found another wonderful app to fill my time and entertain my fingers.  I’m talking about Tricky Tracing.

No, this is not some kind of children’s coloring game as the name might make you assume (but here’s one if you’re interested), although the game play is simple enough for all ages.  This puzzle game comes from an easy enough concept, basically it is a maze game.  You are attempting to draw Continue reading

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Save a Life


Dumb Ways to Die” has finally made it to Android after the game has been available for iOS for several months.  If there was ever a mobile game that I had seen for Apple products but not been able to play because I prefer not to use an iPhone (not violently, I’m not crazy).  What is Dumb Ways to Die?  I’m assuming if you’ve found this article you’ve seen the viral video sensation created as a PSA by Metro Trains in Melbourne, Australia.

Here’s the video to refresh your memory:

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Dots, Lots of Dots

banner dots

Well, another plane ride along with the pre/post-flight time in the airport means only one thing.  No, not buying an overpriced bottle of water and hoping that I don’t get strip searched, downloading another mobile game for some quick casual gaming.  For this trip my in-flight entertainment choice was “Dots.”

As you would guess, this game is about, well, dots.  Dots is a game in the same style made popular by Popcap’s “Big Money” but with a small twist.  Instead of simply demolishing pockets of like-colored circles to gain points, you choose Continue reading

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