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An Interview With Allred

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Allred has been gaining respect and a widespread fan base over the last several years.  Through many incarnations and a roller coaster ride of ups and downs worthy of 6 Flags, John Allred (lead vocals/acoustic guitar) has continued to put out moving and emotional albums for nearly a decade.  Now enjoying the success of his steady climb, Allred is touring and writing, looking for the next big break.  After opening for several sensational acts, including Secondhand Serenade just this last week, Allred looks forward to continued growth and reaching more people with his music.

We got the chance to catch up with John, the indie music sensation, to chat about Continue reading

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Win BioShock Infinite for free! Also, Allred and Nike

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Allred’s Self-Titled Release


Utah Local music staple Allred wanted to produce a record which they could be proud of:  “We wanted the next Allred record to stand a part from the rest and to try something different.  We wanted to take everything to another level.”  So, being a long-time fan of John Allred and the various incarnations of his band, I was excited to see if the “Kickstarter” funded self-titled album would indeed stand apart from the rest of their music.

I have to say, after listening to the album in full many times over the last few weeks, I have enjoyed it more than other recent local area releases.  With that being said however, there were a few issues I did have with “Allred”.

As a whole, the album felt like it lacked a definite flow.  With exception of the first and final tracks, it seemed that the songs could be shuffled around in any order and keep the mood of the album. Continue reading

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