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Lone Survivor Review


Today was the return to long games and frustrated play as I dove into “Lone Survivor.”  Lone Survivor is a horror adventure game in which you play a man who lives alone and has no apparent history, and who is trying to discover where the citizens in his hometown have gone and where the zombie-like creatures who are terrorizing the city came from.  Sadly, those questions don’t really get answered, and that’s my big complaint with the game.

In an adventure game with graphics meant to instill nostalgia the story is typically the aspect which carries the rest of the game.  Lone Survivor creates a lot of story points Continue reading

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Ben there, Dan…What?


Ben There Dan That 

            When it comes to off the wall, comedy based adventures, Ben There, Dan That! has certainly made a mark in the gaming world.

Reading that prior sentence might have confused you, perhaps you went back and read it again, don’t worry, take your time, I’ll wait…Ben There, Dan That! (BTDT) was suggested for review by one of our readers.  I am all for off beat indie games, but this one had me scared.  I had no reason to fear.

BTDT is a fantastic point and click adventure game, one that brought me back to my early days of gaming.  You play as Ben, a young British adventurer.  With your friend Dan (who is dead when you start the game) you are taken on a wild inter-dimensional ride where you get abducted by aliens, kill a priest with a bible, and get thrown out the back end of a cow, among many other things.  And all you wanted to do was to watch a Magnum P.I. rerun with Dan. Continue reading

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