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KiwiTree – Using Spare Change to Make REAL Change

KiwiTree Banner


It has been a LONG time since I have written any posts on TieAttack, that is because I have been busy with another project, one that I feel so strongly about I had to take the leap and focus all my time on it.  The project is called KiwiTree and it is going to revolutionize the way that donations are made to charities and non-profits.  Here’s the quick run down of what KiwiTree is:

What does it do?

KiwiTree is a new funding platform designed to give users the ability to support charities and non-profits they love without feeling a large hit to their bank account.  KiwiTree uses a unique system which rounds each purchase made with electronic means (including debit or credit card purchases) to the next dollar, and automatically donates that “spare change” to up to 5 causes of your choice.  There are no fees, no hassle, and 100% of all donations go to their designated organization on a monthly basis.  Also, as all our clients are non-profit organizations, many of the donations made are tax deductible for our donors. To help with taxes, all donors will receive an email at the end of each year detailing how much was donated to each supported non-profit.  We are not looking to build an empire, we have simply created a way to get money into the hands of those who can really make an impact in this world.”

How it works Infographic

We are nearly finished with the development and are looking to start beta testing (followed shortly by wide release) in the next month or so.  Please check out our IndieGoGo campaign and follow us on Twitter and Facebook.  The project is massive and our vision is huge, but we truly believe that through spare change donations, the world can be changed for the better.

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Weekly Random, Pics We Loved

Yoda Oragami

Hoops hair Continue reading

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Breakfast “cupcakes”


As I was staring into the open refrigerator trying to clear the fog from my mind, light streaming out into my tired eyes, I tried to focus on what to make for breakfast.  Never really been a fan of the whole pancake/waffle situation (aren’t they the same thing anyways?) and french toast just seemed…too French.  I decided the best way to deal with my early morning hunger was to combine everything breakfast related I had into one tasty meal.  That day, the breakfast “cupcakes” were formed.

The breakfast cupcakes are similar to a frittata, if a frittata was shot by a man-mode laser set to 1.21 gigawatts.  It combines egg, sausage, bacon, ham, and cheese into Continue reading

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Interview with 200 West


200 West is the definition of Southern California rock.  After forming in 2005 as an acoustic group, 200 West has grown significantly in both style and talent.  Chris, Jon, Greg, and Adam, four laid-back boarders from Rancho Cucamonga have created a mishmash of reggae, rock, soul, and hip hop, a sound and feel that can only be described as “chill.”  Fresh off the release of their newest EP “5 Leagues Under” 200 West is focused on Continue reading

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Becoming a Successful Indie Act


We live in a world full of great musicians who don’t have the chance to share their music.  Why is it that the music industry has always put down truly talented musicians to make way for what many would consider jokes?  Honestly, look at the artists that are topping the charts right now.  How many of them have any real talent?  Some do, I’ll give you that, but for the majority it’s a circus show full of fancy lights with smoke and mirrors.

I want to get back to a world where true music is being praised. We need to get real talent back out there.  The only way for true musicians to be able to Continue reading

Finding the Healthiest Fast Food Burger

21242_130596299906082 (1)

Whether you are on the run or only have 20 minutes away from the office for lunch, fast food restaurants seem to be a more and more viable solution for your busy schedule.  I know here at Tie Attack, we find ourselves taking a trip down the drive-thru several times a week so we can get in, get out, and have a tasty meal without spending a lot of time.  When you eat out as much as we do, there comes a point that you need to take all the short cuts you can.  Even though you’re eating a burger, that doesn’t mean that you can’t choose the healthiest one.

We collected data from the chain restaurants around us, and a couple that are popular in other areas around the nation, and figured out which fast food burger is Continue reading

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Short Interview with The Winter Brave


The Winter Brave is a youthful band with a true rock sound.  Something many other bands looking to make it big these days can’t match.  With a full sound, flowing bass lines, and soulful rock vocals, The Winter Brave (TWB) is looking to power forward as a touring force and command attention of music lovers.

Naming the band “The Winter Brave” came as a Continue reading

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Why Restaurant Dishes Taste So Different


Falling in love with a particular dish you had in a restaurant is not uncommon.  Even if the entrée seems simple, made with a short list of ingredients, and completely do-able in your home kitchen, things usually don’t turn out right.  For many home cooks the attempts to recreate your favorite foods is difficult and rarely done to satisfaction.  So what is it they do in restaurants that is so different than what you do at home? Continue reading

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