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KiwiTree – Using Spare Change to Make REAL Change

KiwiTree Banner


It has been a LONG time since I have written any posts on TieAttack, that is because I have been busy with another project, one that I feel so strongly about I had to take the leap and focus all my time on it.  The project is called KiwiTree and it is going to revolutionize the way that donations are made to charities and non-profits.  Here’s the quick run down of what KiwiTree is:

What does it do?

KiwiTree is a new funding platform designed to give users the ability to support charities and non-profits they love without feeling a large hit to their bank account.  KiwiTree uses a unique system which rounds each purchase made with electronic means (including debit or credit card purchases) to the next dollar, and automatically donates that “spare change” to up to 5 causes of your choice.  There are no fees, no hassle, and 100% of all donations go to their designated organization on a monthly basis.  Also, as all our clients are non-profit organizations, many of the donations made are tax deductible for our donors. To help with taxes, all donors will receive an email at the end of each year detailing how much was donated to each supported non-profit.  We are not looking to build an empire, we have simply created a way to get money into the hands of those who can really make an impact in this world.”

How it works Infographic

We are nearly finished with the development and are looking to start beta testing (followed shortly by wide release) in the next month or so.  Please check out our IndieGoGo campaign and follow us on Twitter and Facebook.  The project is massive and our vision is huge, but we truly believe that through spare change donations, the world can be changed for the better.

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The Tie Attack Shakeup


Ladies and gents, I know we’ve been quiet for the last several weeks and for that I apologize.  Just as with every new and struggling team we have his several snags and hard times.  The results have disbanded our great (but tiny) team of writers to allow the pursuits of other goals.  Some have accepted other, more stable jobs, while others have decided that writing is no longer their passion.  In short, there will be many changes coming for Tie Attack, but the future is still bright.

Tie Attack is now going to be headed and maintained by Cameron Rogowski (the gaming and music writer) with the occasional guest writer’s work making an appearance.  Because of the cut back on staff, there will also be a huge cut back on content.  Tie Attack will now have new articles twice per week on Tuesdays and Fridays.  Most content will be more personalized as the site is now a one man operation.

Continue reading

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Odd Internet Purchases


With the internet becoming more accessible and the ability to start a business becoming more simple, you can find some crazy stuff in its depths.  We stumbled across one such item, them continued down the rabbit hole of oddities one can purchase online.  From the bizarre, to the creepy, to the “I would buy several and give one to all of my friends,” we’ve compiled a short list of internet goods that left us asking “Wait, you can actually buy that online?”


Warning:  Some of the following products might not be family friendly and/or gross.  Proceed with caution Continue reading

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Looking Back on Soylent Green


If you were to ask any of my friends what I enjoyed chances are all of them would say movies.  I am a regular addict.  Of the sub sets that make up movie land one genre stands out above the others and captures my imagination, the horror and sci-fi of yesteryear.  Though there are many brilliantly entertaining and wildly imaginative films in the genre, one sticks out in my mind and is a go-to when my friends humor me and agree to watch a movie:  Soylent Green.

For those of you who are unfamiliar, Soylent Green is a Continue reading

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Why We Love Casey Neistat


Making your dreams come true takes hard work and a little bit of luck.  Casey Neistat knows that all too well.  The New York City director and film maker went from an unsatisfying existence to the life he craved by packing up and moving to NYC with the idea that hard work would pay off.  It has.

Casey Neistat is best known for his indie-style ads done for Nike’s FuelBand, but has seen a lot of success throughout his career including a television show on HBO and producing the film Daddy Long Legs, which won an independent spirit award at the Cannes Film Festival.  A lot of his most recent work can Continue reading

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BioShock Infinite for Free! Also Desert Noises and Casey Neistat

Here’s a quick look at the featured stories we’ll have on Tie Attack this week.  Be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel and leave a comment for your chance to win BioShock Infinite!


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The Nike Effect


For years the Nike brand of athletic apparel and gear has been synonymous with success.  Despite having several bumps in the road Nike has managed to build a huge business and impose a commanding lead in the world or sports.  In the 2012 fiscal year alone Nike posted revenue in excess of 24.1 billion USD.  So how did Nike go from being the small “Blue Ribbon Sports” to the sports giant now known as Nike?  It’s simple; at Nike they “Just Do It.” Continue reading

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Win BioShock Infinite for free! Also, Allred and Nike

Here’s a quick look at the featured stories we’ll have on Tie Attack this week.  Be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel and leave a comment for your chance to win BioShock Infinite!

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The Aging Internet


There is an inevitable point of gentrification that every community is either moving towards or already has passed.  New York City was and still is a wonderful city, the best city in the world many say, but there is no arguing that the New York of today is anything like the New York that became so beloved by the world.

Las Vegas has seen the same movement towards gentrification that New York City had experienced, and continues to steadily move in the direction of family-friendly entertainment.  Vegas used to be seedy, dark, literally run by mobsters, an adult wonderland where gambling, drugs, booze, and sex were easily found by anyone who took a few minutes to search.  Now the city is a shadow of its former self.  Sure, you can still find a night full of mistakes and regrets, but that is no longer the reason people flock to the desert town.  The glitz and glam Continue reading

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