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Dumb Ways to Die” has finally made it to Android after the game has been available for iOS for several months.  If there was ever a mobile game that I had seen for Apple products but not been able to play because I prefer not to use an iPhone (not violently, I’m not crazy).  What is Dumb Ways to Die?  I’m assuming if you’ve found this article you’ve seen the viral video sensation created as a PSA by Metro Trains in Melbourne, Australia.

Here’s the video to refresh your memory:

This game is simple and easy to follow.  A screen comes up and you are given instructions on what to do like “tilt” or “plug the holes.”  It is then up to you to make the quick connection between the simple statement and how it applies to the screen.  You have only a few seconds to accomplish each task and if you fail, the poor character on the screen dies (don’t worry, the deaths are humorous and not gruesome) and you lose one of your 3 lives.  After completing a group of levels the game’s speed increases and you are then given less time to keep your citizens from dying in dumb ways.  If you lose all 3 lives the game ends and your score is totaled.

“But, dying seems a little much for a casual all ages game.”  Ah, the old GTA theory.  I agree.  Especially when you consider the ways that they die.  Crashing an airplane, getting hit by a train, and having their private parts eaten by piranhas (no, that’s not a joke) are a few of the many dangers you must navigate the unsuspecting characters through.  All joking aside, the art style and general atmosphere in this game make it suitable for all ages in my humble opinion.


Let’s get to it, I really enjoyed this game.  It’s like a free version of Wario Ware for my phone.  All of the visuals are extremely smooth and, dare I say, cute.  At the price point of FREE there is no reason to not pick it up and give it a go.  Just think, as you sit on your bus ride (or at work for those of you who are in boring jobs) you could be saving lives!…or you could let them die for a friendly laugh.  Up to you.

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