Valve Announcements, We Steam Forward


The recent Steam announcements have made me, and many a fan boy, literally jump for joy and figuratively (at least in my case) wet our pants.  The movement into the console market was not unforeseen (in fact, it was suggested by a redditor “ QuasarZ71” two years ago) but the official announcement has nonetheless made noise throughout the gaming community.  Although many are still waiting for the revelation of the now legendary and mythical creature known simply as Half Life 3 (Gabe pls!), any move made by Valve is backed 100% by its adoring fans.

I, like many upon hearing this announcement, immediately decided that I would be one of the millions to purchase this new machine as soon as it became available, but that determination made me realize the sad truth, I have failed Steam.  Even worse than falling out of the favor of this gaming titan, as an avid gamer, I have failed myself.


Sure, I buy games and occasionally contribute to forums and such through Steam, but I know I’m not alone when I look into my library and see all the games that have gone unplayed.  All the adventures that are just awaiting my attention, no matter how poor of an adventure it would be, stare me in the face like the judgmental eyes of my mother would if she saw my Steam library and realized how much money I have actually sunk into my hobby (sorry mom).  All the games that I collected because “hey, it’s only $1.99 and looks mildly interesting.  I’m sure I’ll play it some time.” but that time never arrived as these titles continue to collect virtual dust.

The time is now.  I (and the rest of our small staff) have decided that we are going to play through our entire Steam libraries as they stand before we grace our lives with this new Valve development.  We will be posting stories of our successes, short comings, and “wtf did I buy this game” moments here on Tie Attack and we invite you to join us.

Please, help our community grow in this exciting and exhausting time.  Tweet, re-blog, copy pasta, throw these links everywhere you possibly can if you’re enjoying yourself.  Also, for the more hardcore devotees, submit any articles of your success and struggles with us for publishing at  All publishing is done on a volunteer basis, as are these articles by our regular contributors.

So, without further ado…LETS GET IT ON!

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