The Ship

After a bit of a halt on the “Game a Day Challenge” I have decided to move forward with full force!  I hope I can be forgiven of my trespasses and continue to inform and entertain.  Today, to kick things off on the right foot, I played through several games.  The first of which is the 2006 odd ball creation from Outerlight, “The Ship:  Murder Party.”

The story in The Ship is a bit basic, and one with many plot holes which I’m sure the gamer is meant to overlook.  On the positive side, I was able to overlook several of them with ease as the player quickly realizes that the game was not bought for any semblance of a narrative.    Here’s the basic plot as outlined by Outerlight:

A mysterious man named Mr. X has handed out free tickets for his luxury cruise. Little did the passengers know they were falling into his devious trap. All the passengers are required to track down and murder another passenger. If a passenger chooses not to do so, Mr. X will kill him or her.


Sounds oddly like a campfire game you may have played in your youth?  Yeah, that’s what we were thinking too.  Except in this version you are able to participate without the mosquitos and threats of bear attacks.

The Ship (as it shall be known from here on out) is a first person perspective manhunt, well, part of it at least.  The game comes in 2 separate programs, one is the multiplayer (we’ll get to that later), and the second is a single player “campaign” in which you navigate the large cruise ship and accomplish various tasks without getting killed.

As stated previously, the story is nothing to write home about (or to write on the internet about for that matter), so I am going to focus on the part of The Ship which I found most entertaining, the multiplayer.  First off it should be mentioned that finding a game these days is near impossible.  When you consider that the game was released almost 7 years ago that might make sense, but I was lucky enough to have friends who agreed to join me for the multiplayer madness.

A round in the multiplayer realm goes as follows:

–  Get the name of a target.  Everyone is assigned one at random when the game begins.

–  Find your target.  By talking to people throughout the ship you can introduce yourself and find the names of your fellow cruise ship passengers.

–  Continue navigating the massive ship to find a weapon.  There are conventional weapons such as guns and knives, but also unconventional weapons like the arm of a mannequin.  Unconventional weapon kills give you more points.


–  Don’t pee your pants.  Throughout this assassination mission you must keep all your levels in check.  Similar to The Sims, you have a hunger, bladder, energy, and other various meters which must all be kept in balance.

–  Wait for your target to be alone.  If you attempt to kill someone in the view of other guests, security cameras, or guards, you will be taken to the brig (arguably the most exciting/frightening part of the game).  So choose where and when to strike wisely.

–  Strike with precision!  Many times the target will survive 1 or even 2 blows from your weapon of choice.  Strike quickly.  Overkill is your friend.

–  Wait for round to end.  After you have killed your target passenger you will either be given their target or have to wait for the round’s time to run out (depending on which game mode you are in).  If you are waiting for the round to end, be aware.  Someone on the ship is still attempting to find and murder you.

–  Repeat.

Overall I really enjoyed The Ship.  As I said, the single player game was rather boring.  Multiplayer is obviously the angle at which this jewel shines.  Get some friends and play.  If you are unable, this is one I wouldn’t be too concerned about skipping.  There is fun to be had, but all in all the experience was aggressively average.

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