Half Minute Hero


So today for the Game a Day Challenge I played a game which I rather enjoy, and one that has about the longest title known to man, “Half Minute Hero:  Super Mega Neo Climax Ultimate Boy.”

Now don’t let the name scare you, actually, maybe you should.  This game is more or less a classic fantasy RPG but with uncontrolled combat, a “missions” level division, oh yeah, and you only have 30 seconds to complete each level.

“But, 30 seconds isn’t long enough to do nearly ANYTHING…”

You are correct.

“So how do you even play?”


In the very beginning of the game our happy hero makes a pact with the Time Goddess who can rewind your time back to 30.  So the giant ticking clock that causes stress in every fiber of your being will not ever go above 30 seconds, but can go back to that mark several times in each level.

To wind back the clock you need to pay the time Goddess.  With gold.  Why she is so greedy is never made clear, but we do know that she is hardcore when it comes to getting paid.  If you do not have enough gold to pay her she will still turn back the time for you, but she’ll require the shirt off your back.  Literally.

Overall the game was a lot of fun.  It is a game that I have beaten once before and that I am giving some serious thought to speed running.  Half Minute Hero is simple enough that non-gamers can play, but getting high scores is challenging enough to make a seasoned vet scratch their head.  I say play it.

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