Zombie Driver


Well, when you consider that I am playing through a new game every day I guess it was only a matter of time…Today, with “Zombie Driver,” was the day that I finally played a game which I didn’t like.   I’m not going to play mind games and drag out the review seeming neutral until the end, you are my readers and I will not lead you astray.

Zombie Driver is an arcade/adventure(?) game in which you are a driver who cruises through a zombie infested city killing the walkers and saving fellow survivors.  The story goes on to reveal how the zombies came to be and how the city ended up needing to find a hero in a random guy with a driving license, but in all reality the story is uncompelling and non-important.


Lets get into the gameplay because this is where things begin to fall apart.  The big problem for me is the game seems EXTREMELY casual, but tries to tell a story that is meant to invoke feeling.  Mission accomplished?  Far from it.  Also, many of the cars are difficult to control regardless of the cars recorded stats.  This made for very annoying problems that I feel could have been solved fairly easily.  On top of the vehicles being rough to control, the camera did me no favors.  In any minor movement I made the camera would swing heavily in the direction I slightly shifted creating a very awkward view point while trying to maneuver in tight areas.

Here’s the “best” part of the game, well, the part that I found most entertaining:  All the characters were complete classic stereotypes of their occupation.  So much so that it feels like the writer designed the characters based off 80’s TV shows.  The fire fighter is a white man with a Brooklyn accent, the college professor looks and sounds like Einstine, the nurse is wearing a low cut top and has a very seductive tone of voice…Really, it was pretty sad.

On top of all the stuff I found wrong with the game I didn’t even touch on the worst and biggest good mood killer, the game glitched and forced itself closed twice in the 2.5 hour run.  If the game is not stable enough to play for 2.5 hours, it probably shouldn’t be released to the public.

As much as it pains me, I can’t recommend Zombie Driver to anyone.  The game wasn’t too bad, but the problems easily outweigh the pros.

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