The Binding of Isaac

The binding of Isaac BG

Sometimes life gets in the way of your plans and sometimes you just aren’t feeling up to the task you’ve given yourself…on occasions such as today, both are the case.  When I feel demotivated in gaming or overwhelmed I reach for the title that I played today (and play after nearly every live broadcast):  The Binding of Isaac.

The Binding of Isaac is an arcade-style dungeon crawl in which you take control of a young child who is trying to escape the clutches of his fanatical mother on a mission to kill him.  Yeah, the story is pretty dark, and it only gets darker the further into the game you dive.  This brings up one of the best parts of the game, the contrast in art style and content.

The art is very cartoon-like and, in most cases, cute.  The content is very heavy in theology including:  Bible references, curses, angels, demons, relics, and all other manner of religious items both good and evil.  The way that that content is presented however is genius.  This is not a game meant to make you think and ponder, it is a run-n-gun trek through a multi-level dungeon filled with horrific monsters.  Great stuff.


Also, there are so many unlockables and items in the game that you will be kept interested.  After 100%-ing the game personally, I have restarted over and over so I can unlock the items again and again, always eager to begin anew.  In fact, I am over 300 hours into the game and still have it labeled as my fail-proof, go-to game.

One more excellent aspect in The Binding of Isaac is the ability players have to gauge progress.  Not only in-game progress, but the changes in a player’s personal skill level.  I remember when I first began my epic adventure in the basement of Isaac’s home and I would be lucky to defeat the first boss.  Through consistent play and more time spent in the game I now am on the brink of tears if I fail to pass the first level.  The Binding of Isaac is a game in which you can see yourself progress, and that’s a feeling that video games seldom present to a gamer.

There isn’t much else to say, get this game if you don’t have it.  Play it if you do.

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