Perspective Review


Coming off of a sick day I decided to go for a game with a novel concept rather than one that has a storied history or nostalgia attached, that is what brought about the playthrough of “Perspective.”

Perspective is a puzzle platformer which revolves around the concept of 2 different types of control:  The actual control of your character (a blue man from an arcade game who escapes in the beginning), and the movement of the camera view.  The point of Perspective is to get the blue man from the start point to a goal.  Simple enough, right?  And yes, in concept the game is just like any other platformer, the puzzle comes with the second mentioned control type.


The character is always in the background and cannot be affected by anything (including gravity) while the camera is being controlled.  Likewise, the camera cannot move at all when the character is under your control.  The way to be successful is to shift the camera’s perspective (name sake!  Mark it!) to allow for the little guy to safely navigate through the obstacle course.

Still confused?  Here’s a video of the run.  The concept is difficult to explain with words alone, but once you see the game actually being played it will all make perfect sense.

When you consider that Perspective was designed by a student team at Digipen the game becomes even more of a shocking success.  Not only should they have gotten an “A” (if there is any justice in the world), but this game will continue to entertain and be enjoyed for years to come.  The game is short and sweet, definitely worth taking a look…and it’s completely free, so there are no excuses.  (Download here)

Need a second opinion?  Here’s the Super Budget Brothers’ review.

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