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A new week brought with it a new challenge, a sick gamer.  I woke up with a crushing headache and next to no energy, which is why I decided to play a game in which I could kill those who are in a similarly zombified state:  Dead Pixels.

If I had to describe Dead Pixels to a gamer, I would say that it is an “8-bit” remake of “Left 4 Dead.”  If I was to describe it to a non-gamer…hmm…I guess I would say you are a survivor trying to run through a zombie infested city to reach safety.  Along the way you have to blast the deadies in any way possible to clear your path.  There are many different types of the undead which all have different skills and base stats.

The game looks just like I had hoped, a clean old school interpretation of the zombie games and films of today.  Oh yeah, speaking of films, the game is played in a movie.  All of your movements and actions are presented as though you are watching an old grindhouse film on the subject.  The presentation is just another layer of sweet on the walker cake and even has an intermission which admonishes you to go to the concession stand where they have a hot hotdog waiting for you.


There are a few problems with gameplay.  The world does not play consistently in the amount of buildings to ransack or the location of shops (which are also your save points).  Also, there are sometimes gaps you attempt to run the survivor through but he gets stuck on a zombie, not one that can hit him and cause damage, but just one whose hit box presses yours against the boarder of the screen.  Other than those small issues, the game was very enjoyable.

I would recommend this game to many, but I would say that it is a game which seems to be genre specific.  If you are not in love with games like Double Dragon or River City Ransom (and all the problems that they have) then this probably isn’t the game for you, but I enjoyed my run through.  If this review makes it sound like something you’d be interested in, seek it out and get this game.

Need a second opinion?  Here’s the Super Budget Brothers review.

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