The Game a Day Challenge rolled on today with a game which is glorious, odd, and frustrating, “Bit.Trip RUNNER.”  In the game you play a man who looks more or less like a ninja, Captain Video, and you guide him through obstacles on  a perpetually moving map.  This game has a lot of things to like, but I’ll try to keep this brief…

Reasons why you should play Bit.Trip RUNNER:

– The art is highly stylized and is unlike any other mainstream game I’ve ever seen.  When you first begin playing it feels as though the colors and contrast of sharp edges with smooth panels will give you a headache that no amount of aspirin could fix, but you soon realize that it isn’t as jarring as you thought and start to rather enjoy the strange animated worlds that Captain Video runs through.

– Gameplay is simple, REALLY simple.  As a player you are only required to learn and master the use of 5 buttons, but the combinations that those 5 buttons are put into are what makes the game challenging.  And, believe me, Bit.Trip is definitely challenging.


– Bit.Trip RUNNER can be easily picked up and put down allowing it to be finished in one sitting or many different sessions while still having the same effect.  The game auto-saves after each level letting you play exactly where you left off every time.

– The music in this game is catchy and assists with the gameplay.  Many gamers rely on visual cues to efficiently play, Bit.Trip RUNNER gives the player audio cues through music to let the player know when an action is required.  The cues are so helpful in fact that the game can be beaten blind.

In short, if you haven’t played Bit.Trip RUNNER you should.  It is a game that can be played by those new to gaming and by seasoned gamers alike.  Go play it!…


What are you waiting for?  Seriously?  GO PLAY THIS GAME!

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