Disney’s Aladdin Review


Sticking in my firm retro-kick that I have been on for the last few days the challenge game today was “Disney’s Aladdin,” a platformer originally released for several platforms.  We took the dive into the Capcom developed SNES.  Don’t worry ladies and gents, this is not another tale of my ineptitude and hours spent crying in heart wrenching agony, but a story of success.  A story of love, magic, and handing out a whooping to a sorcerer turned giant cobra.

For those who haven’t played any Disney movie based games from the Genesis/Super Nintendo era, you are missing out.  Many games from the era were not only some of the best selling games, but also are regarded by many gamers as the golden age of console gaming.  Aladdin is no exception.


The game pretty closely follows the movie, even keeping some of the exact same lines of dialog (which exposed just how much of a Disney geek I am to all the viewers).  A great similarity between game and movie comes in the soundtrack.  The music in Disney’s Aladdin is the same music that you would hear in the movie at the same scenes, but of course digitized.  It is executed so well that I actually prefer the in-game music to the songs from the film, and that’s saying something.

The game controls are basic and have the same lack of precision and control that should be expected from games of the time.  After you get past the odd movement patterns of your character, the flow does become relatively easy to control.  Aladdin excels (in my mind at least) because the game seems fair.  There is never a moment where the player feels cheated of lives or damage.  This makes a modern-day gamer’s experience with the retro much more enjoyable.

I would highly recommend anyone who has access to Disney’s Aladdin play through it.  The game is simple enough to be done in a few hours, but not so easy that it can be blow through flawlessly.  And the nostalgia factor for those who played the game as a youngster is  off the charts.  After completing the game I couldn’t wipe the smile off my face, and what better compliment could I give a game?

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