The Tie Attack Shakeup


Ladies and gents, I know we’ve been quiet for the last several weeks and for that I apologize.  Just as with every new and struggling team we have his several snags and hard times.  The results have disbanded our great (but tiny) team of writers to allow the pursuits of other goals.  Some have accepted other, more stable jobs, while others have decided that writing is no longer their passion.  In short, there will be many changes coming for Tie Attack, but the future is still bright.

Tie Attack is now going to be headed and maintained by Cameron Rogowski (the gaming and music writer) with the occasional guest writer’s work making an appearance.  Because of the cut back on staff, there will also be a huge cut back on content.  Tie Attack will now have new articles twice per week on Tuesdays and Fridays.  Most content will be more personalized as the site is now a one man operation.

We have many loyal readers and several people who have messaged and emailed us asking what has been going on during the lull, be assured that Cameron will keep the site’s followers satisfied.

Fair well to you all, it has been a blast!

– Tie Attack Staff


This is the man they have entrusted our loyal readers to…scary.  I would know, sadly, I am that man.

Along with the changes to staff and site, there are several changes in the works for the future of Tie Attack.  I am excited and motivated to make Tie Attack continue to thrive!  I will be re-vamping the YouTube channel, actively using twitter, and connecting with our readers in ways that weren’t possible in the past.  Go subscribe and follow to keep up with me (wow, it seems weird to refer to Tie Attack as 1 person).  I look forward to seeing where Tie Attack goes from here and can’t wait to share what’s in store with all of you!


– Cameron Rogowski

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