Becoming a Successful Indie Act


We live in a world full of great musicians who don’t have the chance to share their music.  Why is it that the music industry has always put down truly talented musicians to make way for what many would consider jokes?  Honestly, look at the artists that are topping the charts right now.  How many of them have any real talent?  Some do, I’ll give you that, but for the majority it’s a circus show full of fancy lights with smoke and mirrors.

I want to get back to a world where true music is being praised. We need to get real talent back out there.  The only way for true musicians to be able to do this is to do it yourself.  I caught up with John Allred, local indie legend, and asked him how indie bands can get their music out to the world and do it themselves.  John himself makes a living playing music that he has written, recorded, and produced on his own.  These are the tips he gave me to be successful.

Play as often as you can

John says that by playing as often as you can you are going to grow a strong fan base.  Start with open mic nights.  Many local coffee shops and small music clubs have open mic nights at least once a month.  This is going to do many things for you:  It’s going to help you build your fan base, improve your stage performance, and help you to meet other bands, club owners, and promoters.  These relationships you build will be the basis for you to be successful.


Use the technology you have

Anyone with a computer has the abilities to do their own promoting.  How easy is it to start a page on Facebook or any other social media network, or a simple website?  These skills are common sense in our generation.  With these tools you can promote yourself, your music, and your shows.  It is also a great way to get your music out to the masses and build a following.

Record your own music

This goes hand in hand with number two.  With the technologies you likely have at your fingertips you can easily produce quality recordings that will help you create your own albums and or demos to help spread your music.  Don’t waste your time and money going to a fancy recording studio that is going to strip you of all your hard earned cash.  With some practice and good equipment you can record your albums at your own pace without the pressures of getting perfect tracks done in a short, stressful, and expensive time period.

Have fun

The bands that are going to be successful are the ones that are having fun doing what they love. If you don’t love what you do then you will never feel fulfilled and have a bloated expectation of success.  If you are just into music for the money, I can promise you that it won’t last.

Written by Dallan Barnhurst


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