Short Interview with The Winter Brave


The Winter Brave is a youthful band with a true rock sound.  Something many other bands looking to make it big these days can’t match.  With a full sound, flowing bass lines, and soulful rock vocals, The Winter Brave (TWB) is looking to power forward as a touring force and command attention of music lovers.

Naming the band “The Winter Brave” came as a bit of an accident.  While camping together the Pittsburgh trio saw the words “The Brave Winter” written on a rock.  That evening resonated with the three friends who have been playing together since middle school, so much so that they named the project in its honor.

I got the chance to catch up with The Winter Brave for a short interview and ask them about their recent success and where they hope music takes them.

winter brave

TA:  You recently got a huge amount of exposure through a Reddit thread, how big of a boost did that give you?

TWB:  We don’t think words describe what Reddit has done for us exposure-wise. The love and support we’ve got from that website is unbelievable. So the exposure we got from them was HUGE! Our couple hundred listens have turned in to a couple hundred THOUSAND. We’re all amazed by the support from the website. There are some really good people on there.

TA:  You have a really cool sound, somewhat of a callback to what people now call “classic rock,” What do you attribute your unique sound to?

TWB:  We’re influenced by a myriad of different bands and artists. Some can be considered classic rock, but we also love a ton of modern bands and everything in between. Our collection of influences allows us to create a sound that we love to play and that we hope people can appreciate.

TA:  What do you have on your iPod that you wouldn’t want your friends to know you listen to?

TWB:  As a band, we love the Korean pop group Orange Caramel. Don’t ask us how we found them, but they’re actually amazing.

TA:  If you got the opportunity to work with anyone in the music industry, who would it be?

Jake: Obviously, we’d love to work with Dave Grohl (front man of Foo Fighters, former drummer of Nirvana)  because he’s kind of a god. But other than him, I really like what Good Old War is doing and Paul Simon.

Chris: Jon Paul Jones is an idol of mine.  Cage the Elephant, Jack White, and Sufjan Stevens would also be really cool to meet.

Sam: I’d love to work with Elvis Costello, Joe Jackson, or Grizzly Bear.

TA:  What are your plans for this year? Any tours? New releases?

TWB:  We’re planning to keep on writing and recording and eventually play as many shows as we can. Other than that, who knows where our music will take us?

With their newest EP “Metaphors” available on Amazon and Bandcamp, The Winter Brave is focusing on recording a new full-length album for their new and loyal fans.  Gaining a large following after receiving the Dave Grohl stamp of approval during an metaphors albumAMA on, the band looks to continue building a fan base and recording music, but really it comes down to one thing.  “…at the end of the day, we just like to play rock music that you don’t see to often these days.”

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