Why We Love Casey Neistat


Making your dreams come true takes hard work and a little bit of luck.  Casey Neistat knows that all too well.  The New York City director and film maker went from an unsatisfying existence to the life he craved by packing up and moving to NYC with the idea that hard work would pay off.  It has.

Casey Neistat is best known for his indie-style ads done for Nike’s FuelBand, but has seen a lot of success throughout his career including a television show on HBO and producing the film Daddy Long Legs, which won an independent spirit award at the Cannes Film Festival.  A lot of his most recent work can be seen on his YouTube channel and through the New York Times video Op-doc series.  So what makes Casey worth a watch?


Captivating DIY Style

Casey has an aesthetic to his videos that is all his own.  Through his use of cell phone, point and shoot cameras, and props both home-made and bought on the cheap, Neistat produces a true, raw feel that seems very real.  Through other less typical skills such as stop motion animation and graceful jump cuts, Neistat’s videos give a breath of fresh air to his viewers.  Casey himself gives the advice to young videographers to “use what you have and just start creating.”

Real Subjects, Real People

My personal favorite thing about Casey Neistat’s videos is the wide range of topics he covers.  All of the subjects are things he personally cares about, some seeming to just be a product of circumstance.  With videos ranging from a simple explanation and examination of the NYC sugary drink bans, to using $2 bills, to why Instagram is the best of social media sites, every video covers something new in an interesting and humorous way.  One of his best videos (in my personal opinion) is “Carlos the Fisherman,” which tells a short story about a man who Neistat met in New York named Carlos.  The simple presentation about his life’s philosophies and where he came from is brilliant and brings a smile to my face every viewing.  Casey’s balance between information and entertainment is spot on, and his storytelling will keep you in wrapped attention.


Good Guys Finish…First?

One great thing about Casey that becomes apparent after just one viewing is that he is a very accessible and kind person, something often missing in this dog eat dog world.  Giving out his studio address to fans, collaborating with caseymany fellow artists, and documenting many moments of his life with his son, are all done throughout his YouTube catalog.  He is also extremely active on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, making a point to connect with fans and spread interesting thoughts and finds on a daily basis.  The DIY attitude is apparent in his relationships as well, even saying “I am represented by CAA for directing and talent and stuff but if you think we should be working together just email me”.  Neistat’s open arms approach to his fans is one huge reason why he should be followed.  The man has talent, has found success, and is still a down to earth human being.  Kudos!


Casey Neistat is an amazing director, editor, and videographer who you should be keeping tabs on.  Check out his website, follow his Twitter, like his Facebook, follow on Instagram, and subscribe on YouTube.  Also, if you’re looking for an indie way to advertise, drop him a line.  Like most artists, I’m sure he would be thrilled to take a look at it.

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4 thoughts on “Why We Love Casey Neistat

  1. jfenton4 says:

    Reblogged this on JFenton4 and commented:
    Casey Neistat: If I have a living role model, this guy is it. If I’m ever feeling down or need some motivation I just flip on his Youtube channel or lauch HBOGO. Check it.

  2. StevieLee says:

    We need more people like Casey in this world, and those people deserve to be appreciated more.

  3. Jim Gaudineer says:

    Refreshing, authentic and so enjoyable. Neistat is an excellent speaker as well.
    This guy could do a lot to educate the young and old. His success is understandable.

  4. MattJames says:

    damn look at his ass too damn

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