A Short Interview with Desert Noises


Desert Noises, a laid-back rock foursome with chill vibes and Americana sound, have been steadily on the rise over the last year.  With influences such as Tom Petty and Fleetwood Mac, these Utah Valley boys put together a smooth, full, folk-rock sound that makes us immediately think of driving the open road with friends.  There is something completely hypnotic about the melodies and reverb that makes Desert Noises a force to be reckoned with (and instantly added their entire catalog to our iPods).

Touring relentlessly is a trademark that Desert Noises has become known for.  All the members grew up attending shows in the now legendary Utah County music scene and found a love for the local clubs and smaller touring talent.  Desert Noises has been touring nearly non-stop for the last 2 years and continues to hit the road in their van, eager to meet new people and make new friends at every stop around the country.

After being featured on MTV (alert the press, they still do have music!) and touring heavily the group has agreed to give us a short interview about their story and what keeps them ticking.

TA:  How did the band come about?  Was it just friends jamming, or did you take things seriously from the beginning?

Desert Noises:  The band began right after I (Kyle) graduated high school, jamming with my brother and our friend Riley in my parent’s basement.  We never really thought it would be a serious thing [laughs].

desert noises

TA:  What bands/acts would you consider your influences?

Desert Noises:  There are many and a lot of them are different.  I love some old country stuff and the first Modest Mouse records.  We all take a love to 60’s 70’s music though and then beyond that everyone has different influences.

TA:  You’ve recently have seen a lot of success, a tour and being featured on MTV, how has that changed your situation as a band?

Desert Noises:  I think we may take it more seriously now but honestly we have been on the road for almost two years, and it just feels like what we are supposed to be doing.  Being on the road feels like home.

TA:  Since the recent success in music, why have you stayed in Utah County instead of making a move to LA or New York like many bands do?

Desert Noises:  Utah is a beautiful place and we all have things here to come back to.  To move we would all have to want to be somewhere together.  I think it would be hard to find a place (that’s new) that we would all enjoy picking up and leaving to.

TA:  Any tours/releases/shows you want to let us in on coming up?

Desert Noises:  We will be on tour through April.  The dates will all be on our site (here).  It’s gonna be a blast!

Also keep up with Desert Noises at:




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