Keeping Mac n’ Cheese Interesting


After being Freshly Pressed last week for our article “Our Love Affair With Mediocre Food” we have seen a huge response.  Hundreds of comments came in where people from all over the world explained to us what their culinary guilty pleasures are.  While sifting through these comments and emails we noticed a trend, nearly everyone who stated they are from the United States cited their favorite way to prepare Mac n’ Cheese.

We loved the suggestions and, in an extremely unhealthy manner that I wouldn’t recommend, tried nearly all of them in a single day of Mac n’ Cheese buffet madness.  There were several good ones that we all enjoyed like the addition of onions and bacon (suggested by Loca Gringa) and the wonderful mixing parmesan cheese and steak spice (martng, thank you).  There were also several preparations that made us cringe, we will not speak of those here.

After our extended lunch of cheesy goodness, we figured out which styles brought a joyful tear to our eyes.  Here are our staff’s favorites that we recommend trying on your next late night comfort food quest:

Mac n’ Cheese + Hotdogs (suggested by OneAwkwardYear, Eyagee)  Clearly an American classic eaten by both the poor and affluent child of the USA.  There is something strangely satisfying about the combination of these two mysterious ingredients that tickled our taste buds.  Although, we aren’t really sure why.  Outside of our taste test we would have never considered giving it another go, but we are all glad we did.


Mac n’ Cheese, Extra Cheese (suggested by sassyred79)  This was a suggestion that gave us doubt, but was surprisingly great.  Adding a tablespoon of CheezWhiz to our cooked Kraft gave a much better creamy consistency to the sauce while of course giving us the flavor of another childhood favorite.  Love at first bite.

Chili Cheese is the Way to Please (suggested by The Flying T Ranch)  Upon reading this response we thought “its so simple, and there is no way that could go wrong.”  We were correct.  A simple can of chili added to Mac n’ Cheese gives more flavor and variety (beans, beef, spices) to your plain ol’ pile of orange macaroni.  Great suggestion!  We loved it.

Spice it Up for a Different Take (suggested by Normal is the New Weird)  An interesting take on “gourmet-ing” the blue box by adding a bit of curry.  It made us feel sophisticated, grown up, and mature (at least on the outside).  The subtle change in flavor was a welcome change and made us come back for seconds…thirds for a couple of us.

Throw Caution to the Wind (and Everything in the Pot) (suggested by theyellowranger)  This idea came in response to “Ghetto Helper” by aromaborealis.  It is the ultimate guilty pleasure meal featuring Kraft Mac n’ Cheese, salsa, corn, and 1 pound of ground beef cooked with taco seasoning all mashed together in one glorious plate-full.  It tastes about what you would imagine, a mixture of all the late night taco runs and drunken blue boxes at dawn.  Although we thoroughly enjoyed this , we suggest taking it as an experience as apposed to a normal meal.  Invite friends, reminisce, and enjoy this awful/amazing creation.


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4 thoughts on “Keeping Mac n’ Cheese Interesting

  1. Hey thanks for the shout out! Glad you liked the crack and cheese 🙂 Not to try to encourage you to eat even more mac and cheese, but another one we tried that we liked was adding a little can of green chiles and some spicy italian sausage. When you can stomach the stuff again, give it a try…

  2. kelly b says:

    “Ghetto Helper” LOL Can’t wait to have kids so I can feed them this.

  3. Christina says:

    When I was little my favorite way my mom made mac n’ cheese was macaroni and cheese with hot dogs and peas!! Delish!!! I may have to go have some lunch today!!! 😉

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