A Quick Look At DigiPen

banner Ever wonder where game designers learn the trade?  Many are self taught and migrated from other areas of computer programming.  There are also many commercials for colleges that have a “new and exciting video game program.”  Forget about all those.  If you want to be a part of the video game industry there is one place to go for your education.  DigiPen.

Tie Attack isn’t big on profiling programs and schools, so we’ll keep this brief, but we had to take a quick look at DigiPen because their student’s products have blown us away time and time again.

DigiPen Institute of Technology’s programs for game design are world-renowned, and the best part is, they are open to passionate gamers looking to make a career in the gaming industry.

Now, before this gets out of hand, this is not an ad for DigiPen.  They have not paid me or given me any favors.  This is not some kind of quid pro quo deal.  I simply have played several of the games produced by their students and firmly believe that there must be something magical going on in the halls, because they are incredible. perspective DigiPen has several undergraduate degree programs from the broad Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering, to the oddly specific Bachelor of Science in Real-Time Interactive Simulation.  They also offer a Masters program for Computer Science, giving students the opportunity to dive deep into the mechanics of programming and production. Applications for new students are accepted year round and are applied towards the upcoming semester.  Requirements are similar to that of your local university, but obviously emphasize heavily on computer tech and programming experience. spike_barrel_obstacle

So why exactly would you want to go to DigiPen over any other program?  Well, just let the games talk for themselves:


Nitronic Rush


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