The Nike Effect


For years the Nike brand of athletic apparel and gear has been synonymous with success.  Despite having several bumps in the road Nike has managed to build a huge business and impose a commanding lead in the world or sports.  In the 2012 fiscal year alone Nike posted revenue in excess of 24.1 billion USD.  So how did Nike go from being the small “Blue Ribbon Sports” to the sports giant now known as Nike?  It’s simple; at Nike they “Just Do It.”

For nearly 25 years now “Just Do It” has been the tagline pasted on every Nike billboard, TV commercial, and print ad.  At first, back in 1988, the Nike marketing team was hesitant to use the slogan because it seemed too heavy handed, like it was pushing the public into something and forcing action.  That small shove in the right direction is something many people could use these days.

There are countless instances of people who had a vision and passion and somehow rolled it up into a success story, now making a living off of an idea that they just had to simply put into motion.  But those who make money from their passion are too few to be the norm.  There are, however, millions of people who cross things off their bucket list every day because they “Just Do It.”  That is who you could become.

I’m not here to sell you on the idea, if you don’t want to do something then don’t do it.  I would hope that I can provide the small push to those who have dreams and goals but just haven’t made the commitment yet.  You want to lose weight?  Do it.  You want to write a book?  Start writing.  You want to become a professional trick-shot billiards player (kudos for thinking outside the box by the way)?  Then do it.

working out

One thing I have found throughout my life is that the world, people that is, doesn’t care if you succeed or fail.  Many of us would like to blame our short comings on our surroundings or circumstance.  We grew up too poor, we grew up in the wrong era, we’re too old to learn a new skill, these are all a load of crap.  People used to tell you when you were young that you could grow up and be anything you wanted, why would that change with age?

Time for some tough love.  Here’s some short tips for success:

Finish Something

Whether it is your ultimate goal to write poetry, or that is just a stepping stone to bigger writing ambitions, you have to act and finish that first step.  All that time complaining about how you should have started younger could be used to practice and move yourself closer to your goals.  Take the plunge, preserver, and finish something.

Don’t Worry if it’s “Good Enough”

“Good enough” is a term we as humans use to discount either our own work or the work of others.  Asking yourself if what you produce is of high enough quality to be considered work will stop your motivation in its tracks.  Sure, working hard and producing something you are proud of is important, but catering to everyone around you is not.  If you are worried about what others think, you need thicker skin.  There has never been a successful person who wasn’t told they’d never make it.

You Don’t Need Better Tools

So you want to be a photographer worthy of National Geographic?  The time to start isn’t once you have the perfect DSLR camera and lighting rigs, the time to start is now.  You don’t have a camera?  Study photo composition and the elements of the art while you save up some cash.  Don’t know where to start?  Find photos that you think are extraordinary and figure out why you like them.  There are films featured at film festivals that were shot and edited completely on a mobile phone, not having the right equipment is an excuse.  You can always do something to improve and work towards the goals you have in life, and if you ever want to reach those goals you need to be moving forward.


What success really comes down to is perseverance and improving on your mistakes.  The only way to make the crucial first steps in the right direction is to “Just Do It.”  It may be uncomfortable, and it may take a little while, but hey, Rome (or Nike) wasn’t built in a day.



What is something you’ve always wanted to do but been afraid of?

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