An Interview With Allred

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Allred has been gaining respect and a widespread fan base over the last several years.  Through many incarnations and a roller coaster ride of ups and downs worthy of 6 Flags, John Allred (lead vocals/acoustic guitar) has continued to put out moving and emotional albums for nearly a decade.  Now enjoying the success of his steady climb, Allred is touring and writing, looking for the next big break.  After opening for several sensational acts, including Secondhand Serenade just this last week, Allred looks forward to continued growth and reaching more people with his music.

We got the chance to catch up with John, the indie music sensation, to chat about what his experience has been like in music and what he is looking forward to in 2013.


TA:  For those who haven’t gotten the chance to listen to you yet, how would you describe your music, and where is the best place to start for new listeners to Allred?

Allred:  I would say the best way to start is from the beginning. “Some Place New” is the record that all the music branched off from. I have no idea what to call it. But people have called it “alternative” “pop” or “singer/songwriter”

TA:  You’ve had the privilege of sharing the stage with several huge acts including Secondhand Serenade, Howie Day, Dashboard Confessional, and The Ataris. What has been the most surreal moment you’ve had in your career performing?

Allred:  So far the most surreal moment was writing a song for a non profit organization, then performing it and having bands like 311, Relient K, Dashboard Confessional, singing along with a crowd holding up candles singing along as well. It was an insane experience.

TA:  Allred has released 13 albums, and that’s not including several acoustic releases. How do you find so many ideas for music and continue evolving your style?

Allred:  I think I’ve always stuck with the philosophy “Never stop writing”. I’m constantly trying to improve with each release.

TA:  So many of your releases have been done completely independently, is a deal with a major label even something you are shooting for anymore? Have you found doing it alone works better for you and your fans?

Allred:  I’ve released everything I’ve done independently. It’s given me the freedom to write whatever I want and release it when I’ve wanted. I’m involved with everything’s, from the music, to the artwork, to the videos. It’s a very DIY and independent mentality. Having a record label would be nice if it was the right deal and the right people involved. But I’ve never considered it necessary. It’s a scary thing to lose some of the control and also fork over large percentages. But maybe someday.

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TA:  Allred and its many incarnations has been loved in Utah for years and has hundreds of loyal fans across the world, what is the main goal for Allred?

Allred:  I’m fortunate enough that through the support of other people I can service and spread this music internationally. My main goal is not to become more successful, but continue to inspire and help other people. I hope to get to a point where I can give my music away for free and still make a living by touring the world.

TA:  What does 2013 look like? Any big plans you can let us in on?

Allred:  2013 is looking to be the best year yet. Lots of touring, a new record with a new direction, and much more to come.

If you would like to see John live he will be playing at Velour (Provo, UT) on April 1st, and Kilby Court (Salt Lake City, UT) April 6th.  For more information, tour dates, and band news, visit Allred at their website, like their Facebook, subscribe to them on YouTube, and follow them on Twitter.

You can also read our quick review of Allred’s newest album here.

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One thought on “An Interview With Allred

  1. tdavis77 says:

    I’ve actually been a fan for a while, after catching him with Howie Day. So glad to see this talent stepping forward.

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