Simple Ways to Man Up


Recently we as a society have witnessed the softening of our men into overly sensitive Nancies.  Men are no longer required to do the same tasks they found themselves forced to do in human history.  Only eating what one was able to hunt, constructing tools and places to live and work, and protecting one’s self and family are all roles that have been greatly altered in our modern time.  In this article we are going to look at a few small changes you can make to reclaim your title of “man.”


Respect yourself, get a good shave

Whether you go out to a barber or cut it close at home, shaving with a strait razor will bring a new sense of masculinity to your morning.  This simple switch will give you a more comfortable shave than any “comfort strip” can give you, and shavemake you feel like a complete badass.  Shaving with a strait razor actually helps exfoliate your skin and can, over time, clear up many forms of skin damage that may have occurred from being in the elements.

When you begin shaving with a strait razor you join an upper echelon of manly.  You have spent the time to learn a valued skill that is associated exclusively with masculinity.  You get to start each day by working with your hands and precisely crafting your facial hair, is there a more manly way to spend 5 minutes in the morning?

Aside from the actual shave benefits you can feel good about looking after Mother Earth.  All those sissy disposable razors end up in a landfill while your strait razor can be used over and over.  Not enough manning up for you?  We’ve got a few more.


Train like your grandfather

When people envision the ideal man they almost always picture one in good shape, who has muscle but is more interested in applicable strength.  Why not train in such a way that you are building to the idea of perfection?

choppingThe CrossFit fitness craze is in full swing and has been steadily growing all across the globe.  For those not familiar, cross fit is a workout regiment in which people do exercises that simulate real world activities instead of simply pumping iron.  If you are going to pay for classes and equipment to simulate real world activities, why not just participate in the real world activities?

Fitness comes from a combination of speed, endurance, and strength, all perks which are gained by performing manly tasks such as chopping wood, carpentry, or landscaping.  Set goals that will require active participation and make those goals a reality.  Build yourself a tool shed, create a new garden, build a fence, anything that will keep you active, and you will remain physically fit.  Even simple things such as playing with your dog or joining a local sports program will keep you in the best shape of your life, while increasing your level of man.


Walk the line

There is a fine line that separates risk and complete foolishness; a man must tread that line from time to time.  Taking dapperrisks seems to be a lost skill.  With the technology available now we are able to know almost anything about a situation before it even presents itself.  Although being prepared is commendable, being scared is not.

It is healthy for a man to approach a situation feeling fear and doubt, but pushing through and carrying on.  Things such as starting your own business, asking out that woman you’ve been checking out, or speaking out for your beliefs used to be the norm but is now pushed away by society in favor of the “safest route.”  Unless life and death are involved, the safest route will not typically be the best.  Make calculated decisions, but be willing to man up and go against the grain.  Even if you fail, at least you put forth the effort.  That alone makes you the manliest man in the room.


Simple changes in your daily life and make you a better man, and by doing so a better person.  Being a manly isn’t about being the alpha dog, it’s about doing what is best for your wellbeing and filling your life with adventure and experience.  Be proud, take initiative, and become a bigger man.


How do you man up?  Let us know in the comments!

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