Quick Review of Love on the Run


Looking for some new music to pump through your speakers?  What is it that you’re looking for?  Some rock?  Hiphop?  Pop?  How about all of the above blended masterfully by some of the finest musicians you’ve ever seen?…Yeah, that sounds good.

J.Wride’s most recent original release Love on the Run combines melodic piano, catchy base lines, and meaningful lyrics into six tracks that you will listen to over and over again.  This independent release debuted at #91 on the iTunes charts, and delivered on every expectation which comes with that.  For old fans of J.Wride, everything you love from the first two albums is back with a little added flare.

My only complaint about Love on the Run is that the album is brief.  As a six track EP it more wets my appetite than satisfies my hunger.  However, lucky for us, J.Wride will be releasing an all new full-length album this year and are in the studio as we speak.

I immediately made room on my already packed iPod for Until We Break and Lovelier, and run the entire album on repeat while working at the computer.  If you are a fan of music, (that is, music in general) Love on the Run should be placed into your queue.  You won’t regret it.

What did you think of the album?  Are you excited to hear more?

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