Making Delicious Salsa, The Easy Way


Every single day, without fail, I cook and consume Mexican food.  By “cook” I mean throw a burrito in the microwave and push a couple buttons, but that is still cooking, right?  On the days when I am not so busy (or sometimes lazy) I make salsa to pair with my excellent nuked burritos.  There is nothing better than homemade salsa, and I’m going to teach you how to make it.  I know, making salsa sounds like it could be difficult, but I am going to walk you through it step by step.  Together, we can make the best salsa you’ve ever tasted.


1 can Whole Tomatoes (with juice)

2 cans Rotel (diced tomatoes and green chilies)

¼ cup Chopped onion

1 Clove garlic

1 Jalapeno pepper

¼ teaspoon Sugar

¼ teaspoon Salt

½ cup Cilantro

½ Lime


Putting together the spicy goodness

Warning:  This recipe does make a large batch.  You will be eating salsa for several days and probably passing some out to your neighbors who will think it’s out of kindness.

Mince (chop into very small pieces) your 1 clove of garlic and place the contents into your blender or food processor.  Cut Jalapeno into quarters lengthwise then slice each quarter into thin pieces widthwise and add to blender (Pro-tip:  If you want mild salsa, remove all the seeds from the jalapeno.  If you like it spicy, add the seeds into your mixture).  Chop ½ cup of cilantro by bunching the stems up, giving it a small twist, then chopping like normal.  Add cilantro into blender.  Chop (I swear, this is the last time) ¼ cup of onion ( ¼ cup is a quarter of a medium sized onion) and add to blender.  Add salt, sugar, tomatoes (take them out of the can first), and Rotel (use the same can opener you used for the tomatoes) to mixture in blender.  Put the lid on the blender (very important step), then pulse the mixture until it is at a consistency you like.  Let the mixture sit in the refrigerator for at least an hour.


Voila!  You are now a master cook!  It really is that easy to make great salsa.  Now go out there and make all the Mexican grandmothers proud.

Need something to put your salsa on?  Try this.

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