Gettin’ Cheesy in League #4


Season 3 has brought forth some odd champ choices and strategies:  Jungle Ezreal, Jayce mid, support Ashe, ect.  At least people are attempting to innovate the game, all to varying degrees of success.  To continue our time honored tradition of cheese strats, I have recently been sinking a lot of time into my new idea, jungle Teemo.

Now I know most of you will refuse to try this out of principle.  People either love or hate Teemo.  I, personally, am on the side of the lovers (I know, I should be ashamed).  There are clear advantages

and disadvantages to jungling the badger, but lets start with the positives.

Teemo is a ranged champion.  Not many are fully aware of the advantage this brings to a jungler because in the current meta game no ranged champions are used in the jungle.  Having a large attack range typically means that you can put down more damage during a gank while taking less damage yourself, an advantage that is undeniable during the early stages of the game.  Also, as a ranged champion, the red lizard buff becomes infinitely more useful because you can slow the enemy while still being out of their attack range.

teemoTeemo’s passive allows him to turn invisible after two seconds of not moving, meaning you can easily setup to steal the enemy team’s buffs or catch the enemy jungler in his own jungle throughout the game.  If you cause enough havoc, you force your opponents to buy pink wards for their own jungle, giving your team a gold advantage.  The passive also allows for great ganks.  Simply have your team push the lane, go to the middle just out of sight range, and go into stealth mode.  One the lane resets the sneaky badger is in position to pounce.

Of course, having a Teemo who is free to roam the jungle on your team is a huge plus.  After the Season 3 changes AP Teemo has insane damage.  As the jungler you will be able to lay mushrooms on all the high traffic areas in the opposing jungle.  This will make enemies escaping a team fight have to run strait back down a lane or risk being killed after a clean getaway.

Now for some disadvantages:

– Teemo isn’t as tanky as meta game junglers so he requires the summoner to change their play style a little bit and not go H.A.M. on all ganks.

– His clear speed is in the mid range, having no AOE spells at early levels.  This makes it a harsh first pass through the jungle camps.

– Teemo has no hard CC (something MANY junglers complain about), if you are good with positioning though you are able to make your red buff enough CC for the kill.

– You have the dreaded global Teemo taunt.  Everyone will target you, especially since you are playing the swift scout in an unorthodox role.

That’s my two cents.  I have had a lot of success with jungling Teemo, winning 7 out of 10 ranked games.  I’ve personally preferred to build as a tanky AP, but there are other ways to do it.

The bottom line is you will have fun and, if played well, you will have success.  It just takes some getting used to.  If nothing else you can always take solace in knowing that you are the cutest guy on Summoner’s Rift.

Have you tried Teemo in the jungle?  What did you think?

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2 thoughts on “Gettin’ Cheesy in League #4

  1. twohp2few says:

    Oh, oh, oh. If you like ranged jungles, do Jayce next! Or Elise. Elise is a little bit more mainstream but I swear Jayce would be awesome if you sunk some time into him. My problem is I tend to give up jungling Jayce and Teemo and just take them top. Curse my lack of commitment!

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