Live Streams Worth Tuning in For


I am one of the thousands of people who no longer have TV service.  Not because of a storm or freak accident, but by choice.  With the rise of services such as Netflix and Hulu I am able to watch nearly everything that I had watched on television in the first place.  I have recently become addicted to another form of entertainment though, live streams.  There are many sites that host live streams and many things streamed.  Everything from live podcast recordings to concerts and movies are placed at our fingertips, usually free of cost.  My personal go-to site for streams is  So, in honor of my new obsession, here is a short list of my favorite streamers:


Lethalfrag is an extremely interactive and entertaining gamer who covers everything from speed runs to indie games.  Frag keeps an eye on user submitted chat and responds to them all night making for a great viewing experience.  Lethalfrag also has what I’ve found to be the most inviting chat environment.  Aside from his own good nature his followers also are upbeat, saying “hi” to those who come to chat and a “good night” when they leave.  Lethalfrag plays several games (and even cooks once a week) on stream.  The normal games that can be expected are:  Binding of Isaac, Super Meat Boy, and Faster Than Light.


TeamSp00ky is “an informal group of players.”  The contributors to the TeamSp00ky stream have a strong background and interest in fighting games.  You can usually find a tournament being cast with great commentary, or simply round after round of non-stop fighting action.  Games that can be expected:  Street Fighter 4, Ultimate Marvel Vs Capcom 3, and King of Fighters XIII.


iNcontroL is a StarCraft 2 Protoss player who has been involved with eSports since competing in Brood Wars.  What makes iNcontroL great to watch is the commentary and insight into the game that he brings to the table.  He is a great analyst and has used that skill many times casting tournaments world wide and contributes to the State of the Game podcast and  Games that can be expected:  StarCraft 2 (both Wings of Liberty and Heart of the Swarm).


Wingsofdeathx is an extremely entertaining and engaging League of Legends player who garners several thousand viewers consistently.  Wings is a mechanically sound top laner whose in-game analysis and funny antics make us tune in again and again.  Games that can be expected:  League of Legends.

There you go, a list of what the Tie Attack staff watches on a regular basis.  Check them all out.  Even if you are not an already immersed fan of the games or genres, all of these channels offer so much more than just gameplay.


Know of another live stream we should check out?  Let us know!

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