An Interview With J.Wride


Well, my dream has finally come true.  Mashed-up music doesn’t stand a chance.  Take everything you’ve ever wanted in a band, mix well, pour into a mold of a handsome group of young musicians, and once cooled you have J.Wride.  J.Wride combines pop, rock, jazz, and hip-hop into a sound unlike any other.

Originally working as a trio, the band has now added a guitarist, making the live shows more electric and of course adding another verse to the rap song which they play to introduce themselves.

The members of J.Wride claim common influences in the jazz world, but also all have varying music tastes which contribute to their stand out style.  Each member is a great musician in and of themselves, an aspect which is undeniable after seeing a live performance.

J.Wride has released 2 full-length albums (Work of Art, and Indigo) and most recently an EP entitled Love on the Run.  They are currently in the studio working on another full-length album.

I had the chance to interview Jesse, the singer/keys of J.Wride about their unique sound and future plans.


J.Wride (from left to right): Austin Anderson, Court Eccles, Jesse Wride, Sam Duke

TA:  What bands/acts would you consider your influences?
Jesse:  Austin (the drummer), Court (Bassist), and I have grown up playing Jazz music.  I actually began on the Saxophone and ended up really teaching myself piano at age 16.  So we have all been heavily influenced by many jazz artists.  I have to   say we all have very different influences (outside of jazz) and that we all bring different elements to the table and I think ironically that is what gives us that certain cohesiveness as a group.  We all have very different backgrounds, yet very similar in ways at the same time. I think we’ve drawn influences from a wide variety of artists such as Dave Matthews, Ben Folds, Mat Kearney, 30 Seconds to Mars, Snow Patrol, Victor Wooten, Coheed and Cambria, John Mayer, Kanye West… I mean we listen to everything.

TA:  What is your favorite guilty pleasure music?

Jesse:  I think it has become a sort of taboo to listen to “Pop” music as an independent artist. I guess because of that I’d have to say pop music on the radio is my guilty pleasure.  These artists are writing music that is popular world wide so clearly they are doing something right.  I’d have to say specifically my guilty pleasure would have to be Taylor Swift.  She’s a fantastic songwriter.

J.wride2TA:  You recently have announced your new album, what is the inspiration behind the record? Do you have a planned release time?

Jesse:  We waited awhile to make this record because all of these songs we sort of “tested” on the road.  We have been playing these songs for over a year and they are the ones that people request we play night after night.  We are finally at a place musically to record these songs and get them out to everyone.  I can honestly say that this is the best musical project any of us have ever been a part of.  I am beyond excited to see what this record can possibly do for our band.  I can’t wait to hear what people think.

TA:  You’ve seen some success in music, why have you stayed in Utah instead of making a move to LA or New York like many bands do?

Jesse:  We love it here.  Early near the birth of our band we had a few opportunities that could’ve taken us outside of Utah.  Luckily we have been able to make our home here and really thrive and grow while remaining in a place we know and love.  We have been fortunate enough to record with a platinum hip-hop artist, play sold out college shows all over the state every year, and our latest album, Love on the Run (EP), debuted at #91 on the itunes charts.  Most importantly to me though is how fast that album spread.  People seemed to really dig the songs we put on Love on the Run and that above all else is the best feeling we can have as a band.

Jesse assures me that once the new record comes out later this year the band will be touring heavily, something that I am looking forward to.  Until then, you can keep up with J.Wride through:

What do you think of J.Wride’s music?  Let us know in the comments down below!

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2 thoughts on “An Interview With J.Wride

  1. Dana Peterson says:

    Love them! I’ve seen them live and met them many times and they are so nice! This is a great interview too.

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