Featured Stories this Week On TieAttack.net


Hey dapper ladies and gents.  Here’s a quick look at what is coming up on Tie Attack this week:

On Monday we have an interview with up and coming rock band J.Wride.  Their unique sound is a combo of rock, pop, jazz, and hiphop.  It is unlike anything you ever heard before, and will please your ear holes.

Tuesday we’re spicing up our lives by putting together homemade salsa.  It’s delicious and our in house chef has written it out in a way that even I (a man with the cooking ability of a 4 year old) can put it together.


Wednesday is our Weekly Random.  Our staff is a small group of internet fiends who scour the web for pictures that we love.  We then put all those pictures in one place for your viewing pleasure.


Thursday we have an interview with dark horror author Christian B. Guyant.  He has recently published a novella about post zombie apocalyptic Las Vegas.  Extremely dark mind, one of the nicest guy I’ve met.


Friday we have a look back and replay Bioshock in preparation for Bioshock Infinite.  We will be giving away a free copy of Bioshock Infinite on our YouTube channel.  Go subscribe to the channel to win and catch all the video content (starting next week).


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