Podcasts. It’s the Wave of the Future


The Tie Attack staff spends a lot of time sitting at desks while working.  I’m sure many of you are in a similar situation.  For me, silence while staring at my computer screen could be labeled as pure torture.  Music only holds my attention so long.  Sure, that new Macklemore album is awesome, but how many times can you run through all the tracks in one sitting?  I quickly found myself needing to find a new source of entertainment to fill my ear holes while on the job.  Enter podcasts.

My coworkers and I have all fallen deeply in love with the pre-recorded radio shows, some of us listening to them for six to eight hours a day.  Each of us has different interests, and each of us has favorite podcasts.  We decided the best way to showcase them was to compile a list:  Tie Attack’s Favorite Casts!

Super budget Brothers

Super Budget Brothers:  First on our list, naturally, is a podcast we feature weekly here on Tie Attack:  The Super Budget Brothers.  The Super Budget Brothers podcast (SBB) is run by three brothers of varying ages, Nathan (25), Cameron (23), and Chris (20), who seek out and review cheap and free video games.  Episodes are around 30 minutes long and end with a rating.  The reason SBB is on this list is the consistency of the casts.  The brothers may not always agree, but in the end their ratings are usually spot on.  I have downloaded and played every game they’ve given a good score and thoroughly enjoyed them all.

Better Off UndeadBetter Off UndeadBetter Off Undead is a podcast about all things horror.  Well, at least it started out that way.  It has since turned into an exploration of all things strange led by your hosts Johnny B. Truant, Sean Platt, and Dave Wright.  Warning:  This podcast can be uncomfortable to listen to for normal people, but if you have the slightly morbid sense of humor that most horror fans are graced with, this podcast will leave you shaking with laughter…and shame.

bmfcastBad Movie FiendsThe Bad Movie Fiends podcast (BMFcast) is a weekly look into the world of bad movies.  Why would you want to watch bad movies?  Because not all “bad” movies are painful to watch.  The BMFcast crew (Maki, Harlo, The Beej, and Chuck) watch a movie then rate it on their homemade scale:  1-5 “jox” for an enjoyable bad movie (named for Robot Jox), and 1-5 “bags” in a negative sliding scale (named for Twilight).  After the rating, the second half of the show consists of talking about new releases, and general movie discussion.  Crash and burn!

True StoryTrue StoryTrue Story podcast is recorded at story-telling parties, where those attending are given a theme and tell a true story from their own lives, without the aid of scripts or notes.  The organizers then take their favorite stories from the party and publish them for the world to hear.  The stories all vary in length and subject.  Some are told for a laugh, some are told to make you think, and some are truly heart wrenching.  This is a great cast similar to one of our other favorites, The Moth.  We encourage you to check them both out.


Comic Book ClubComic Book Club is a long-running live show recorded in New York City every week hosted by Pete LePage, Justin Tyler, and Alex Zalben.  The show regularly has guests from the comic book industry and also features the lovable BoothMan.  Discussions include all things comic book:  The new releases, movie adaptations, and graphic novels.

There, now you will have several shows to occupy all that desk job time.  Listening and laughing always makes the day pass by faster, but if you’re like me, you’ll be listening to podcasts in your off time as well.


Are there any other podcasts we should be playing through our workday?

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