Allred’s Self-Titled Release


Utah Local music staple Allred wanted to produce a record which they could be proud of:  “We wanted the next Allred record to stand a part from the rest and to try something different.  We wanted to take everything to another level.”  So, being a long-time fan of John Allred and the various incarnations of his band, I was excited to see if the “Kickstarter” funded self-titled album would indeed stand apart from the rest of their music.

I have to say, after listening to the album in full many times over the last few weeks, I have enjoyed it more than other recent local area releases.  With that being said however, there were a few issues I did have with “Allred”.

As a whole, the album felt like it lacked a definite flow.  With exception of the first and final tracks, it seemed that the songs could be shuffled around in any order and keep the mood of the album.

Allred's Self-Titled Release

Allred’s Self-Titled Release

Also, a few of the tracks seemed a bit like cookie cutter alternative rock and aren’t exactly memorable.  Flaws are present in everything, but in the case of Allred,” they do not outweigh what was done right.

The opening and closing tracks on the album are very strong.  They invoke feelings and thoughts of my own past relationships and life.  Any artist who can write in such a way that makes them relatable, while still keeping the integrity of the song, has a gift.  John’s vocals also feel emotional and attached to the words written, making them have true soul and impact.

If you are new to Allred’s music, and would like to see the best they have to offer I recommend downloading the tracks “Out of Words,” ”Spark,” and “In Slow Motion.

“In Slow Motion” is my number 1 song that must be taken from this offering.  It gave me chills the first time I heard it, and has made me truly listen each time it comes on in my play list.

For those of you who are old fans, this album will not disappoint.  It is very much a matured and more polished sound than any previous album produced by this local favorite.

Overall, I’d have to say “Allred” is a great album.  The best they’ve produced with definite shinning moments.   And, yes, this fan funded album pays off.  Big time.

Allred can be found at:

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